Healthy Portable Snack Ideas For Kids

Healthy Portable snack ideas for kids seem to be more expensive, or are they?  When looking at the pre-packaged stuff that is convenient to just grab and go it can be a negative affect on your budget.  But with a little prep time and planning, as well as with the kids’ help, snacks can be more affordable and even healthier.

Especially during these times of homeschooling and social distancing, keeping snacks healthy but on a stricter budget may be necessary. We also may not be getting outside and having our kids participate in the sports that city organizations have. We need a healthier diet no matter what the reason. Let’s explore some simple but delicious ideas!

Planning Healthy Snacks Ideas For Kids


Healthy Portable snack

First up is popcorn which is a great healthy portable snack idea because it is a whole grain.  You see it in bags in the stores for anywhere from $2-$5 a large bag, but have you ever made popcorn the “old fashioned ways”? 

One of my favorite memories growing up is Dad in the kitchen (either house or camper) and making up huge batches of popcorn.  I have the pan he used and popcorn is never better in my reliable Wearever pan.  It may be nostalgia playing a hand in that, but the memories of helping Dad melt the butter afterward and watching him pour it over the popcorn in a huge Tupperware bowl.  The best thing is that you can overstuff yourself on popcorn but the calories don’t count up.  Next day popcorn is even better.  Why not pop up a batch of kernals with your kids tonight.  Put them in ziploc bags for the kids to come home and grab after school.

Natural Sugar High – Fruits

Second up is fruit. Give your kids a natural sugar high and pack some fruits. Although now we know that fruit by itself has natural sugars and for many kids, they don’t need that extra sugar.  Why not let them have half an apple with the popcorn?  Salty and Sweet is what curbs the carb cravings for even us adults!  A must-have gadget is the apple wedger.  Even elementary kids will have fun with prepping their own snack!  By having the apples pre-washed in the fridge, the kids can grab the apple as they walk in.  Then they can cut the apple with the wedger and put the cut apples into bags for transport to the game.

Another great snack is also a source of protein.  Beef jerky is not always the most budget friendly, but with kids, a little goes a long way in staunching their appetites.  Maybe even do a 1/2 apple, cup of popcorn and a couple chunks of beef jerky.  They get the right combination of foods at an affordable price.  Forget those prepackaged fruit snacks that are nothing but sugar.

More healthy portable snack ideas

Healthy Portable snack

And with these great snack ideas they will give your kids the variety they need and also not break your budget.  Even better is that the snack are great for you while at work or play!  Let the kids have a say in it and mix up the options.  The choices are endless.

  • grapes
  • carrots and raisins
  • almonds and pistachios
  • natural cheese cut into cubes
  • Hummus with veggies
  • Peanut butter

A key thing to remember with healthy portable snack ideas is portion control.  Remember this is a snack, not a meal.  By teaching kids up front about portion control, they will already be a step ahead of most of us adults.  Thank you for visiting my blog.  To see ideas on meals with Chicken or Beef, check out these other sections.