Decentralized Travel with XcelTrip

Decentralized travel with XCELTRIP is an innovative reformer within the huge realm of Travel. Removing the middle-men & extra costs related to the travel industry. To do this it is based on using blockchain technologies.   Established in 2017 this relatively new and amazing Company, it is changing the way we travel.  And the best part is we can do it for less!


What is Decentralized Travel?

The travel industry for years had travel agents. People who would take your money to figure out an itinerary for you with plane tickets, hotels, rental cars. It didn’t matter if you were traveling for business or leisure. Alone or with the family. These people got you where you wanted to go.

Then came along the internet and travel agents became history. And with the onslaught of the internet came the likes of William Shatner and Priceline, Xpedia and Travelocity among so many others. You can go to a specific site and browse all your options and possibly get an amazing deal. But those deals come with restrictions and most are not in favor of the consumer.

Also, you still have a middleman that is gouging the airlines, hotels, rental cars. Hotels are only willing to put up a certain amount of rooms at the special prices. Airlines only so many seats. And car rentals only so many cars. Because they all have to pay fees as does the consumer.

Decentralized Travel

So now we have something new. Something amazing. Something feeless. Yes, I said feeless. The intent is to reduce the amount of overhead for those who travel. Decentralization means the consumer works directly with the vendors without ANY middlemen. Nothing in the middle. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

This is where the vision of XCELTRIP comes to play. They have decentralized travel. Keep an eye out for this company. They are key to the future of travel. Stay connected to them for all your travel needs. As this travel-ution unfolds and takes hold everyone is looking to see how the effects will hit the known middle-men.  This Travel Revolution is here. Where both the consumers and the Vendors win big.  So rather than just watching, why not get involved? 

How Does One Get Involved?

Come join us in this Incredible Travelutionary (Travel-revolutionary) journey of decentralized travel and become our “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” or Vendor Partner (Hotel Properties, B&B’s, Restaurants, Pub & Bars, transportation and events). 

Furthermore as our partner, you will have access to our world-class “XcelTrip Marketing System”.  Developing this system will grow your business with an ultimate goal of improving your bottom line.

Time is of the essence as this opportunity will end at any time!

Option 1: Become an IMP

An IMP is Independent Marketing Partner. As an IMP you will have a unique opportunity in this first of its kind industry.  Each IMP will have the potential to realize significant earnings without an investment.  Those with an entrepreneurial spirit will enjoy this opportunity.  The purpose of an IMP is on the principle of “referral rewards”.  How?  Help list a hotel with XcelTrip and make the hotel as your listed vendor and earn money on future bookings.  You earn a percentage on the sales value every time someone books a room at your listed hotel for the rest of your life.

Check out the Details Here!

Option 2: Become a Vendor!

Perhaps you are an owner of a property you would like to list. Even B&B and vacation home rentals are welcome. Moreover are you a restaurant, travel agent, plane/train/auto rental company, or hospitality facility ?  As a vendor partner you will also have the support by our network of IMP’s who will be helping you with the listing, pricing and marketing of your products and services. Watch this video and when you are ready just go to the above “Details Here” link and look for “Listing Your Property”.

Additional Benefits of XcelTrip?

  • Eliminate all human errors because it deploys blockchain technologies.
  • Accurate and precise details regarding every Travel Resource, the availability and so much more.
  • Removing multiple layers of staff and obsolete an outdated database. Thank you Blockchain.
  • The results in huge savings in both the costs for the Consumer as well as the Vendor (property, location, airlines, car rentals, etc.).
  • This efficiencies it provides in making the overall Travel experience more affordable for the consumer and more profits for the vendors.

No longer a Dream: Use Cryptocurrency for your Vacation

Through the future vision and understanding of Blockchain, XcelTrip brings us back into the future.

Dreams do probably come true.  Plan that vacation without using credit cards.  They will only create additional costs with interest and fees. This then makes you pay even more for your vacation.  Use the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency that you have sitting around in your digital wallet.

With this decentralized travel with XcelTrip, you don’t have to worry about going into debt further using credit cards.  Book that plane ticket and hotel room a new way.  More importantly you can plan your entire vacation in one spot without having to price shop.  No more shuffling screens on your computer.  No more missing out on that great deal online.  Most noteworthy no more double bookings!

The Future is Now

The future is now and it is using Cryptocurrency called XcelToken.  You can even earn your own XcelTokens by becoming an IMP and getting your favorite hotel or Bed & Breakfast to join as a Vendor Partner with XcelTrip.  You can then earn commissions every time someone else books a room with them using XcelTrip!

Everyone wins in this incredible win-win situation where technology provides the travel industry endless solutions. All this only through XcelTrip.

XcelTrip is not just a full-service, Online Travel platform but a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”:


Be ready to change the way you travel now and back into the future. With XcelTrip it is not only a single stop travel service provider for your Hotel, Air travel, and Vehicle rental. But also your tireless partner with futuristic but realistic ideas to fulfill all your traveling needs at the lowest possible cost.

Their vision for decentralized travel is to make travel services simplified by empowering the Hotels and the consumers.  Ultimately the savings they see are then pass down to our partners, skipping the middlemen.

So, JOIN TODAY and receive huge rewards for doing so:

XcelTrip makes the commitment to make sure your travel experiences are:

  • Fun
  • Seamless
  • Cost efficient
  • Secured
  • Personalized

They are using Blockchain in the most sensitive and challenging areas.  Block chain is the most secured technology to safeguard your information. It creates a mobile app to provide travelers value additional services far beyond than current offers by our competitors.


  • Booking Flights
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Social Travel Experiences, etc
  • Experiential Holiday Packages


  • Gain Access to over 1 million rooms at best properties and the best rates
  • Get access to hundreds of flight options for thousands of destinations.
  • Additionally have access to World-Class Service
  • Have specific travel needs? The online XcelTrip manager will assist you.
  • And finally, get a lot more than just booking hotel and airline ticket when you use our mobile app.


  • We offer the lowest booking fee for vendors.
  • Additionally we offer the best price to travelers.
  • This is built on the blockchain cryptic ledger for added security.
  • Each business partner gets the slice of the economic pie – either through savings or directly earning.
  • Each and Every Time You Travel, You Earn – Be sure to check us out.

Consumer Benefits

  • Lowest fee per room than your current OTA (Online Travel Aggregators) – This raises your Gross Margin
  • The design of the vendor payment system gets your income credit at the earliest moment.  With multiple choices of payment, such as, Bank Transfer and digital currency in a most secured environment.
  • Listing your property with XcelTrip will help you get exposure with millions of travelers around the world, which will translate into more bookings.
  • Get access to our advance booking management system, where you can list your property, rooms and other facilities such as restaurants, bars, spa etc., on a single platform and gain multiple sources of revenue.
  • Have access to our world-class partner support team at XcelTrip and your very own IMP, who will work with you as a marketing consultant to better your revenue and enhance customer service.
  • Use our booking management system to manage booking, track inventory, run promotions to increase your revenues further.

Check out this video on the XcelToken too, the revolutionized Blockchain based utility token that will assist in decentralized travel.

When you go to book your travel plans don’t forget to plan a good time.  We want you refreshed when you come back.  Be ready to rock and roll!  Oh and most importantly where ever you do decide to travel to and stay, be sure they supply great premium wines!  Or you could just bring your own with you that were delivered to your door.

Are you looking for something more in cryptocurrency? We have it growing here. Literally! You need to get ready to jump in on this incredible opportunity. When it launches for the public, we are expecting incredible opportunities to not just benefit ourselves, but also the world. Ready to hear more?