Blue Scorpion Venom Uses & Changing the World

While Blue Scorpion Venom uses are primarily focusing on the treatment of various cancers, there are additional uses in development and research. Let’s explore these additional Blue Scorpion Venom uses together.

Blue Scorpion Venom Uses:

Research Shows Incredible Results in Cancer Treatment

The research continues however more and more results are showing positive steps. That certain chemicals in the blue scorpion venom peptide are destroying the actual cancer cells. Ultimately this reduces the horrible side effects of the various more conventional treatments like chemotherapy. We all know someone who has lost their hair. Or perhaps they became very weak.

This peptide, chlorotoxin, is the same chemical that paralyzes the prey of the scorpion. The research is showing proof that these peptides are actually binding themselves to cancer cells. While surrounding and binding to these cells, the peptides are then shrinking the cancer cells, and moreover, destroying them.

The research and results of an 8-year study reports a 90% success rate. This clinical study consists of over 8000 patients, with a variety of forms and severity of the disease.

blue scorpion venom uses

Homeopathic Pain Therapy

Rheumatism is extremely painful. Chronic pain can be extremely wearing on a person mentally. The pain remedies available to us over the counter or even by prescription all start with ibuprofen and aspirin as well as naproxen. There are side effects when using these on a continual basis – upset stomach which can then lead to stomach ulcers is one of the more common ones. The overall problem is that over time these treatments are potentially causing additional issues that require additional treatments.

Having a homeopathic pain relief means you have options. Choosing and treating a condition homeopathically means the treatment is more personalized for the patient. It means that you can potentially look forward to better relief.

Personal Experience

Back in 2004, while playing softball, I was suffering from excruciating pain in my knee. I sought out help for the pain because back in high school the injury I did to my knee was more serious. The treatment and therapy back then is less strenuous than it is now. The doctor wanted to put me through extensive testing. I stood my ground and got the MRI – I was correct. I underwent ACL replacement surgery and Meniscus repairs. The surgeon told my husband he could believe I had actually walked in unassisted because my ACL was shriveled. My new ACL should last me 10-15 years…

Fast forward to today, it is now 2020, 16 years later. The pains are starting to come back from simple walking with the dogs or standing in place too long. I was feeling I need another MRI just to see, but then a co-worker mentioned it may just be arthritis and I will just have to live with the pain.

Early Results

2 weeks ago, I was introduced to this amazing product. First, let me state that I despise taking medications. But I also now know to keep an open mind on options especially when it comes to natural remedies. I purchased my first bottle, the day my shipment came in I took it – 10 drops. I put it in my water because while they say there is no taste, I truly want no taste. For the past week I take it straight out of the dropper…there is NO taste. Doesn’t even have a water taste.

My results? Just yesterday I mowed the grass, major weed pulling on my knees, raking – about 10 hours in the yard. I was tired, achy – hey I am 50 and newly retired so I knew I wouldn’t be ready to go dancing or anything. But the kicker for me was that as I let my muscles relax, there was no residual pain. None.

Skincare Solutions

The secret is getting out, if you want better skin you have to pay for it. But does it really have to negatively affect your wallet? So you read above about what Blue Scorpion Venom uses are for the inside of our bodies. Let’s focus on the outer beauty we have and what we can do to maintain and enhance it naturally.

We have 4 products for you to design your own regimen.

  • Hydra Filling Cream
  • Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream
  • Moisturizing Recovery Cream
  • Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum

Upcoming Blue Scorpion Venom Uses

Till now the Blue Scorpion Venom uses are for human use, but are you aware that our 4-legged friends can benefit as well? They have products that assist in the support of better immune health, joints and the cannibanoids that are already there in our pets. What better way to show our love to our pets than helping them improve their health.

Just like humans need supplements to stay healthier, so do our pets. No one likes seeing a their pets in pain. If there were a way to communicate with us, they would. Instead they typically hide their discomforts until it is too late.

Now there are no claims that anything cures any diseases for both human and animals. Further research is underway. I know I have 3 canines who will be given this supplement to improve their quality of life!

blue scorpion venom uses

Giving Back and Making a Difference

In researching these products, I made an interesting discovery about the company in general. They are giving back to the impoverished communities in the Caribbean. Even better is that You can help! Find out how your purchases have 5% given in support of improving life in the non-profit charity orphanage. This orphanage also allows you to take it a step further and sponsor the children.

We have a unique opportunity to pay it forward. The beliefs we share here are all about ending poverty. To read more about how RRR247 and Performance Giving Network are working to do their part as well, I invite you to read about it. Click here for more information.

Blue Scorpion on Vacation

blue scorpion venom uses

We understand that people may be concerned that harm is coming to the Blue Scorpion. Let me reassure you that the blue scorpions at the farm are treated gently and with much love and care. We understand the needs of the scorpions. Not only are they residents of a 5 star scale location, it truly is like they are on vacation. They reside on a farm built specifically to give them the highest care. They get 3 months vacation every year! Plus they have their meals brought to them and the accommodations are the safest for everyone involved.

Just think…being able to boost your immune system that is already ready to go! Are you ready to give your front line defense an upgrade on weapons against illnesses of all varieties? The bonus is that you know the contributors of this cutting edge product are treated well, and probably better than most people!