Best Mobile Phone Cases

Tired of those mobile phone cases breaking or letting you down? Look no further. A new and durable mobile phone case is now available for you and with our exclusive link, it can save you 20%!! This amazing product line is releasing just this week! We hope you find some fun accessories and more than just the best mobile phone case! Become an Adventure seeker with our incredible finds throughout our entire site too.

Research Best Mobile Phone Cases

Oh the stress on shopping and doing research for a new mobile phone. But the real journey begins with looking for a new phone case – Of course, we want the best ones out there too. What is it you look for in a phone case? Perhaps you like the stylish kind. Me personally, I look for durability because we have tile floors, not laminate, hard tile. You know the kind that phones do not bounce off of. Also, I am admittedly a clutz of sorts when it comes to holding my phone. It always ends up on the floor or ground, no matter how I carry it.

So where to start, well, let’s make it easy on you. Just start here. Why? First our exclusive link will save you 20% on everything, every time you visit. Pretty great, right? Okay, next, our selection of cases large, concentrating on iPhone & Samsung devices. Selection on the site is easy to maneuver around.


With a 2 year limited warranty and 60 day money back guarantee, what makes this so special? The durability yet lightweight materials. This case is now popular with our military and law enforcement. The hardy design to withstand impacts is amazing. The testing the cases have gone through are at minimum a 6 foot drop test, but some actually exceed military standards for shocks and drops. Being a mom of two who serve our military, I can tell you that means a lot. We have one son who will “fix” his phone by throwing it against the wall. Guess how many cases he goes through in a year, much less phones?

Overall Design

The design of these cases is phone specific. Meaning, each case is specifically for the phone stated. It is not a One-Size Fits Most, at all. While the selection is with the top most popular phone models available on the market with iPhone & Samsung, we have it that the company is looking into expanding that selection to other models.

Even better, the design is great and perfect for those with an active lifestyle! The case itself is magnetic so it will stick to anything that is metal. Think outside the box on this. While the pictures show a lot of Golf Carts, what about ATV/UTV’s, snowmobiles, boats. They also have mounts specifically for motorcycles and bikes. We are exploring which would be the best fit for on my Mother-in-law’s walker for her own safety. The flexibility for the different mounts takes this to the next level.

FUNctionality Makes This the best Mobile Phone Case

While there are so many mobile phone cases claiming to be the best, most do not have FUNctionality. Nowadays, phones are water resistant, so that makes waterproof a more moot point. However functionality with a phone case is more than just water resistance. Now it is necessary for the active lifestyle, you know out exploring life and having FUN!

Additionally, how many of us lock that phone in the locker at the gym because there is no good place to put it. And then to top it off, the trainer, or even a bystander, tries to help you improve your form. Now, let’s think about putting our phone on the multi-purpose machine videoing our actions, or on a nearby frame for doing a Crossfit workout. Can you imagine taking that video and then re-watching it to see what exactly they were trying to tell you?

Additional Accessories

Now no product line is complete without their own accessories. Here you will also find that they have adapters that you can attach to your own mobile device. So if fashion is more important than FUNctionality, then one of these sleek and slim adapters should do the trick. But remember, our link you get the exclusive 20% off everytime so don’t forget to bookmark our site.

Besides, you may find by exploring this site for other things that will add to your FUN and active lifestyle. For example, need something to get your mind more focused on the activity at hand, perhaps even a quick pre-workout? Our Brain food is a must. This portable, syrup is a nootropic and is perfect for those who not only need to be on the go, but want to be their best on the go! We have so much more here too. Keep coming back to see what else is new!

Something Fun Too!

Okay so while getting the best mobile phone case is a pretty serious subject, so are our tunes. As in we need music when we are out and about and most portable speakers can be chunky, short on battery life and even out of our budget. This speaker is the do all and its magnetic! Again, it was designed with the golfer in mind, but I am sure our active minds can be creative with where else you can use this right now! How about out on the beach and attaching it to that metal (non-aluminum) leg? Keeps it up out of the sand, sun and water! But you won’t need to worry about the water or sand directly as the case is both waterproof and dustproof! Ready for some sand volleyball anyone?

Another great feature is the 24 hour battery life, like seriously? I have another portable, waterproof, but not magnetic speaker. It only lasts 10 hours! This will be perfect at a picnic, or out camping, or even seeking that next adventure! And in addition, the 30 foot wireless range is incredible! Pipe those tunes into the dugout during timeouts just for your little leaguer! Pump up the volume, pump up their adrenaline!