Oh Water Boy! Importance of Water Quality

Oh Water Boy! For over 20 years, the great Adam Sandler movie, Water Boy has left us laughing at the antics of Bobby Boucher. How he treasures the fine quality of water and the importance of staying properly hydrated. But that leads me to another thought. What happens if the water quality is gone forever? What shall we drink then?

What is the Secret Source of the Water?

In the movie, Water Boy, Bobby’s special water came from a glacier, specifically the high water line mark of the Himalayan glacier. But in addition to that, he knew his water whether it was bottled, spring, tap or wherever. Bobby Boucher also listens to his momma and quotes her often in the movie, but one has to wonder, just where he got his knowledge of water. We think the same thing with our amazing Fine Wines in our wine club. You know our CEO, Rory Ricord is a lot like Bobby Boucher in that he REALLY has a vast knowledge of wines. And he know the special place that our fine wines come from is California, specifically Napa and Sonoma region.

Importance of Water Quality

The main reason the quality of water is so important is because our bodies are made up of over 60% water! This is a huge reason why the intake of water needs to be of the highest quality. We have found a great and cost effective way to purify your own tap water today. Additionally, it doesn’t require electricity to achieve the great purification of the water. Perfect for those who wish to live off grid or even during those horrendous times where we lose our power, great tasting water is always available. It is almost like having your very own Water Boy!

Your Kids will love being your Water Boy

You will never need to worry about running out of purified water as you use your own water. The purification filtration system is intensely syphering each particle of water using this patented system. You will not want to go without this in your home. Buy one for your home and one for that lake home or camper. Easily portable, you can put it on the picnic table even! Just know that the high quality, durable hammered-glass container easily removes all harmful particles that even your bottled water doesn’t remove. The company also stands by its 1 year 100% guarantee from defects.

Many cities around the USA and world are dealing with poor water quality. I know in Minnesota, where we used to live, we worried about our water quality due to the pollutants a prominent manufacturer was putting into the ground water. At one point the city shut down the wells and put us on water restrictions as they put in upgraded filter systems. Are you going to put your trust in your city for the health and well-being of your family and your pets?

Buy Now

Don’t wait! Get this on order today and have it ready for your holiday guests, no matter what holiday it is. As well as, stop buying bottled water. Those bottles fill up our garbage sites and not every city has recycling. Improve your carbon footprint with this Water Machine today! We know you will love it so place your order. Watch as your family will begin enjoying drinking just plain water again and become healthier!