Vertical Jump Training: Vert Shock.

Vertical jump training is what kids who love basketball want.  At practice in high school, our coach was always worried more about our vertical jump height than some of the basic skills like dribbling.  Why??  Well, because you do not get the blessing of having a vertical jump that allows you to dunk the basketball unless you literally have springs in your legs.  This is a learned skill that takes lots of practice (or a trampoline on the court).

With Vertical Jump Training, these proven techniques help you gain on your vertical jump.  Finally be able to dunk that ball.  The great thing with increasing your vertical jump is that it isn’t just for basketball.  Volleyball, football, high jumpers, long jumpers or even just to reach things on that top kitchen shelf!

Being a Kid, But Not Being Talented

When I was growing up in small town Minnesota, our neighborhood was full of kids of all ages.  We literally hung out with dozens of kids at a time and we kept each other out of trouble.  One of the ways we did that was playing sports.  I love activity and sports.  I especially love being competitive!  We would play football, kickball and basketball.  To this day I am still not very good athletically and have nothing for a vertical jump. But I am a mom with bad knees.

Kids these days need to be encouraged to do activities whether it is sports or other stuff.  So many just sit around and play video games.  Why not read what Adam Folker has created and get your kids off the couch!  Make this a great family activity.  My boys loved that Mom was always game to try anything, even if I wasn’t very good.  Mainly because other Moms would bow out with excuses.  Unless you try something you won’t know if you like it or not!

“Finally Dunk Like A Total Badass…”

…by adding up to 9 – 15 inches to your vertical jump
with our proven secrets, guaranteed.

…Just Imagine Hearing The Roar Of The Crowd
When You Take Off On The Fast Break And Throw
Down A Rim-Wrecking Showtime Dunk!

Vertical jump

Okay, so this is going to sound far-fetched to you, and you’re probably pretty skeptical, but below is the explanation how precisely so many of these athletes, have added up to 9 – 15 inches to their vertical jumps – not in months, but within days and weeks.

So even if you’re short, un-athletic, tried every program and gimmick before, never dunked a ball in your life, are SUPER skeptical or already have a decent-sized jump, you need to see 100% irrefutable proof that you too can add serious inches to your vertical.


And the best part of all this is that it isn’t just for the kids!  Put these techniques to work for you and challenge your kids to a great game of driveway ball.