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Vendor Partner – XcelTrip are being sought after now.  XcelTrip became active in early March, and is currently taking airline reservations.  The next aspect of the company is launching shortly. Customers are going to be able to book hotel rooms.  Therefore we are anticipating extreme growth and XcelTrip is looking for additional IMP’s, Independent Marketing Partner, to assist them.  You can earn money registering hotels with XcelTrip.

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XcelTrip is changing the way the world books travel.  Just think of it as the days of having no choice other than going through an online agency are ending soon.  Businesses such as Expedia and Travelocity tend to carry with them a tremendous overhead cost.  Guess where that cost is then passed on to? Yes you guessed correctly. You the consumer every time you book a room.

Cuts Out Middleman

XcelTrip has designed their site to be extremely user-friendly.  Therefore, customers are able to go to and book their own airline tickets.  By removing the Brokers and Agents, the extra fees customers currently pay using the online agencies will be reduced.  With word-of-mouth from the IMP’s and the Vendor Partners everyone will benefit the overall system.  And thus removes the need for the middleman.

One huge advantage to this new booking system, it eliminates errors that occur quite frequently with agencies such as Expedia. Ex: double booking rooms.  The XcelTrip system updates almost immediately when a customer makes a reservation.  Therefore, when the next customer looks for a room at the same hotel, it’ll show that a room is booked.  If you are someone who travels often you probably have experienced the discover of someone else bought the same room you bought. Another words double-bookings.  What’s more is that they may have even paid less than you.  So frustrating!

Additionally, very soon customers will be able to book Hotel Rooms also.  Then will come rental cars, restaurant reservations, etc.  XcelTrip will be a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

Saving Money

By removing the middleman, XcelTrip therefore saves tremendously on overhead costs.  Expedia charges hotels an average of 25% of the price paid for a room.  In other words, if you book a room through Expedia and pay $100, Expedia gets $25.00.  XcelTrip has been able to cut that cost in half.  Therefore, booking the same room through XcelTrip will only cost you $12.50.  That is a significant savings.

Become a Vendor Partner!

Are you a travel agent, hospitality facility, plane/train/auto rental company, or restaurant?  As a vendor partner, you will also have the support by our network of IMP’s.  Who will be helping you with the listing, pricing and marketing of your products and services.

The benefits of decentralized travel are growing and currently include:

  • Lowest fee per room than your current OTA (Online Travel Aggregators) – This raises your Gross Margin
  • The design of our vendor payment system gets your income credit at the earliest moment. There are multiple choices of payment, such as, Bank Transfer and digital currency in a most secured environment.
  • Help you get exposure with millions of travelers around the world, which will translate into more bookings.
  • Get access to our advance booking management system.  List your property, rooms and other facilities such as restaurants, bars, spa etc., on a single platform.  Gain multiple sources of revenue.
  • Have access to our world-class partner support team at XcelTrip.  And your very own IMP, who will work with you as a marketing consultant. Their goal is to better your revenue and enhance customer service.
  • Use our booking management system to manage booking, track inventory, run promotions to increase your revenues further.

Are you ready to join us as a Vendor Partner?  Go here for the details!

For More Information On XcelTrip visit >>Decentralized Travel with XcelTrip<<

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