Vampire Costumes for Halloween

Pull out all the stops on your makeup for your vampire costumes and reclaim your inner vampire this Halloween. Or perhaps you are looking to enhance your Cosplay or want a new look for Comicon. We have this incredible makeup line that has lip potions and Eye shadows to tap the supernatural as well as Gothic looks. Adding Batty Lashes and Eyeliners truly bring the paranormal realm to reality.

Paranormal Experience Cosmetics

When it comes to creating the final touches to your Halloween, Gothic, Supernatural, Paranormal look, you want to start with this palette. The 100% Vegan eyeshadows are never tested on animals. This is a key point as many of the makeup on store shelves cannot say both on their labels, but Curst Kosmetics can.

The color names of this palette of shades are just as entertaining and appropriate for every Vampire costumes or related paranormal look you are trying for.

  • White Noise
  • Haunted
  • Evidence
  • Echovox
  • Paranormal
  • EVP
  • Bump
  • Entity
  • Portal
  • OMG!
  • Night Vision
make up for vampire costumes for Halloween

Just think of the combinations you can create for all varieties of looks this Halloween – not just Vampire Costumes. Get ready to explore and experiment! And even better do it now as there is a special Pre-Halloween Sale happening as of the writing of this article! The glitter embedded in 4 of the colors will surely create that unique look you desire! And GUYS!!! This is perfect for you as well for whatever look you are trying to create!

Be a Little Batty

What is great with these products is that there is more than just the eyeshadows. Go batty with eyeliner and lashes too! The Lashes are adorable in and of themselves, but the packaging of a little coffin is absolutely the best! Especially if the night gets a little long and you spend the night, carry your own coffin so you keep your lashes fresh and long-lasting. Just know that of the 4 choices of lashes, they are in high demand so grab them as you see them!

Now, let’s make those eyes a bit more alluring like Elvira herself. The absolute must-have for finishing the eyes and enhancing the shadow on your lids is the eyeliner. These are not simple black and brown, these are in colors for all costumes! Be creative, have fun!

Other costume must-haves

No costume is complete without an amazing lip color. Forget the traditional colors, come see the incredible painter’s palette of colors. Your vampire costumes for that Halloween party will be the talk of the party when you top your look.

Have fun and get your creativity flowing with all the various color combinations that you have access to with this entire line of makeup. What’s more, this line of makeup is so flexible, you can wear it every day too! Don’t miss out! Bonus is that it makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays!