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USA Wine Club

Our Wine of the Month Club is an incredible opportunity and we are so excited to be able to bring this to all our friends and family!   As a wine of the month club that’s experiencing record growth, we have something truly amazing to share with everyone. Even more exciting is that we are expanding to our international friends bringing incredible California exclusive wines right to their doors. Come join in the experience as a Customer or look at the shared Opportunity as a Representative.

We are especially looking for Wine Lovers who want to:

  • Learn about Fine Wines and our exclusive labels from the regions of Sonoma and Napa Valley California.
  • Have Wines Hand Picked by Sommeliers every single month.
  • Receive exclusive access to wines at super low Member Pricing (2-3 times less than retail pricing)
  • Have exclusive access to our Refer 3 and it’s Free (free wine for life) Program
  • The ability to have Amazing Fine Wines delivered to your door each month

We are building a leadership team to grow our Wine of the Month Business to incredible heights.  This means that we are looking for additional Team members to jump in with us.


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Join the Wine of the Month Club Today!

Follow 3 Simple Steps below to get set up as a Customer or to Join our Team and have the rewards that having your Own Wine of the Month Club can provide.

First you need to sign up. You can do so after viewing the webinar above, or click on the gold button now! Come on, what are you waiting for?

Next, you will Select either our Customer with 4 hand-selected bottles of Premium Wines or as a Wine Ambassador Member, one of our commissionable packages as outlined below.

Wine of the Month Member Packages:

Top of the Line Starter Kit (Full Bar!):

In addition to the stated benefits, as a Grand Cru member (black card), you automatically get in the queue with infomercials for gaining new customers and reps. Also you will be invited every year to our Winery for the annual harvest. This is an event that is exclusive to Grand Cru Members only! Just imagine yourself tasting amazing fine wines with others of the same successful mindset every year! This is limited to 1000 members at this time.

Intermediate Starter Kit (Well-Stocked Bar):

Ok so for our members who come in at the Reserve level, we get it. You want to get your collection growing quickly, but just aren’t ready to commit to the Grand Cru just yet (for whatever reason). It’s all good! You can always upgrade later! Just know you get 24 bottles of our Premium bottles of wine. Where these labels are all exclusive to us!

Beginner Starter Kit (Half Bar):

Just wanting to wet your feet? Get you business going as an Estate member. With us, you are treated as family and you can always upgrade to the higher membership (and get additional wines). Just jump in and get going! We are always here to guide you and provide training too!

Then activate your Wine of the Month SmartShip. 

NOTE: Regardless of your ONE TIME Enrollment Purchase, everyone will be receiving 4 Bottles Monthly.  The best is you can purchase additional Wine at huge savings (up to 20% off the Super Low Member Pricing depending on your package you chose). The great thing about this is that you now have the opportunity to earn your wine free! Keep reading below.

Get your Enrollment Link and access to your Back Office.

Wine of the month

Don’t wait for your wine you can start sharing this New and Exciting Proven Business Model with your Colleagues. Refer just 3 friends, family or even complete strangers who are active each month and your monthly wine shipment is Free! (not including shipping)

You will ultimately be able to share with them your direct link for your own “Wine of the Month Business” with us.  While we will be working with you together to build the income and possibilities.

Now is the time to get Training and Access to Marketing Tools so you can build the level of Business you want with our Proven Support and Marketing Systems and Tools.

The Support never ends with our Wine of the Month Club!

For our valuable Customers: As part of our incredible wine family we will reach out and assist you. Ready to refer others and earn that free wine each month? We are here to help you do that. Just as we continue to help the hundreds of customers currently receive their Wine each month for Free. Additionally we are looking forward to your Free Wine! (This is truly special).

For Representatives: We will be focusing on growing our Family of Representatives our way just as we will be all working on our Customers. More so with our program at RRR247 we have an incredible, proven Marketing System as well as extensive training and resources ready to instruct you on. Once you submit your application, we will reach out and connect with you immediately with information to get going.

This creates incredible potential in incomes.

Incredible and Global Growth and Possibilities Await.

  • We are in the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and are actively working to expand our wine club to include: Canada and Australia.
  • Additionally, all Representatives with us have the ability to market in all Countries we are expanding into.
  • Meanwhile you will receive access to a World Class Marketing System, Customer Acquisition and Business Building Training, Sales Tools, Marketing Systems all available. You will be contacted with these upon your Enrollment.
  • By joining my team today, you also have an opportunity for additional streams of income with our exclusive system. We are conventionally unconventional with a system proven to work. We show how Network Marketing is meant to be. 

Looking for some ideas for planning your first Wine Social and what foods to serve?  Finally come see my Wine 101 page.  Additionally I want to thank you for your time and attention!  Come join us today!