Toddlers With Behavior Problems – Terrible Twos

Toddlers with behavior problems can be a handful for any parent.  Not every behavior is because of the typical twos.  Many times it is because of how we parents and adults are handling situations.

Toddlers with behavior problems

toddlers with behavior problems

We have all come across a toddler having a tantrum.  Why do children even have tantrums?  Is it a right of passage that they are being normal?  The simple answer is no.  Toddlers with behavior problems goes beyond a tantrum.  Toddlers are learning to deal with emotions.  Even adults have trouble dealing with emotions, and some even still throw tantrums.  I know both our sons had their normal tantrums.  Usually our reaction to the tantrum determined the length and severity of the tantrum.  I have also witnessed toddlers who seemed even more extreme in their tantrums.  No matter what the parent or adult caregiver did could pacify the child.  These children require more understanding.

With this video lesson, we learn about 4 facts about toddlers that we must understand in order to effectively deal with with the behavior.  I strongly urge you to watch this video here.

Keep Reading for Tips on Dealing with Tantrums

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When dealing with behavior problems in children, experts discuss the real reasons your kids do not arrive ready to behave. In reality it is the way in which adults communicate with their kids that results in the kids acting in the way we do not want. There is a bridge that adults must create with children prior to attempting to change poor behaviors. Take note, you may be triggering these behaviors by overusing a single word. Ready to learn more?

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Personal Reflections of Raising Toddlers

Although our 2 sons are now in their 20’s, I remember our oldest was 2 and I was about 8 months pregnant with our youngest. He and I were in the grocery store. He had done so good through the whole store. Mommy let him practice being “big” by being on the outside of the cart. Truth was I couldn’t lift him into the cart. As we got to the checkout, he asks for a candy bar. I told him no. He throws himself down onto the floor kicking and screaming that he wants a candy bar. I look at him and rather than trying to pick him up and risk him kicking me, I sat on the floor and had a tantrum myself. I looked ridiculous. He looked incredulous at me. I ask “Does mommy look stupid?” He quickly agrees. I told him that he looked stupid too. Several shoppers were in awe as I get my big belly and butt up off the floor. Many were smiling, and a few congratulated me on my creativity on stopping the tantrum.

Later as in about a year later our youngest is almost 1. Again in the store getting ready to check out. Little one whimpers and points to the candy. Kyle immediately shakes his head no and tells his little brother “NO!! Mommy will make you look stupid!”. Oh the looks I got from people both those days. We still laugh about it! But we never had that kind of tantrum in public again.

Get some fresh outlooks on raising your toddlers.

 See why parents who have watched this video are encouraging others because of the experience they had with their own children.  These parents have a whole new positive outlook on raising their children.  They are feeling confident as successful parents.  Interacting with their children is now a positive and fun-loving experience.


Get your video and then sit back with a glass of wine.  Be confident in your parenting skills.   Celebrate when others notice the improvement in your toddler.