Tipping Circle

When you are researching online wallets, we have found Tipping Circle to be the better solution. It shows that it is flexible and easy to work. Tipping Circle also encourages you to invite friends. So come join today, by the way it is free to join, and read more about it.

Keeping things simple is the way I prefer to operate. We do not need to re-create the wheel. Tipping Circle does that with connection to the Global Crypto Exchanges (including Stakebase), PayPal, a bartering system. In addition you can use it between all the different currencies found now around the world. This is a true banking solution meant to ease the struggle when conducting international business. Even better is that by giving access to banking around the world, we can overcome poverty. Did you know that not everyone has access to money? This became a reality due to the various digital tools available now. Moreover, additional services is coming to connect the World, including Global internet.

Striving to End Poverty, “Tipping Circle” is in use by “The Performance Giving Network”

This is the very Wallet being used to help “The Performance Giving Network” to help the World. They are using the Tipping Circle wallet to allow anyone in the Globe to benefit. This is the best platform for use with Points, Reward Points, and Currencies both FIAT and Cryptocurrencies.

  1. Go here and SIGN UP for TippingCircle. Completing this will also connect you to “The Performance Giving Network”. This is where even more “Giving” occurs.
  2. Once your account is set up. Be sure to use the links from the TippingCircle admin area to connect your smartphone. Android or iOS.
  3. Then make sure you Register to the E-Newsletter (to the right of this page) and upon getting the first email (within minutes) reply back and let us know you joined “The TippingCircle“. This also gets you into the communication of what is happening here.
  4. We will then TIP you (Hence the name
    “Tipping”) for joining. Then we will see that you are given more information on how this will further benefit you and so many others. This is being done to help end Poverty and to create a better quality of life around the World.
  5. Join the movement. Then you can become a part of making it happen. From doing as little or as much as you desire. You will be able to follow the details and see where you want to participate.

There are several behind the Movement of “The Performance Giving Network” and your joining the TippingCircle is one step closer to the overall mission of making the World truly a better place.

Ending Poverty. Creating a better quality of life for all.

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