Thermometers, Medical Devices for your SmartPhone

Thermometers, medical devices, all are cluttering our counters in our homes. De-clutter and have 10 body measurements all on your smartphone! We are so excited to bring to your this new to market product that is literally a case for your SmartPhone.

In this day and age of technology, having medical technology in our hands at most any time is important. But also just as important is having our freedom to live our lives and not be captives to our conditions.

Now it’s as simple as picking up our phones.

As a kid from the 70’s growing up watching Star Trek through the decades, the medical doctors always had the coolest technology. Who was your favorite over the years? Leonard “Bones” McCoy? Beverly Crusher? These are the 2 that stand out to me the most. They also seem to always have a hand-held device for diagnosing patient illnesses. Now it seems as though the future has finally caught up. We can now have this in our own homes, it isn’t just for the doctor!

So now, from the comfort of our own homes, gyms, and offices, we can help ourselves towards better health and health monitoring. What’s even better, is that this is simply a case for our SmartPhone. A hand-held device we already carry with us everywhere can now be turned into a medical device, including a thermometer. While there are other devices out there that assist with home monitoring, they are typically only can handle a few of the vital monitoring. However none of the others can do 10 (ten) body measurements, including a thermometer.

Importance of a thermometers on medical devices

Ever been out with your children at a family function, event or just running errands and your child suddenly doesn’t feel well? You find yourself packing up everyone and heading home just to take the body temperature of the child, only to find out they ate too much junk food. Now you can just change your phone from taking pictures and videos to take their temperature with a medical device. What’s even better is that you can save this information in your child’s user account just in case something spikes later on. You can easily call the doctor if necessary with the key information the doctor will need when you get to the office.

Other Important Uses for Thermometers, Medical Devices All-In-One Case

Meanwhile, some of us are now caring for our aging and elderly family members. Many of them need to regularly record multiple vitals like blood pressure, heart rate and others. Now rather than pulling out a notebook and writing it all down, and risking an error or horrible handwriting, imagine logging into their user account and record it all quickly without discomfort. All they need is to hold it in their hands!

We are currently caring in our home for my Mother-in-love. We are working on getting her to not only carry her phone with her at all times, but actually keep it turned on. Now, with this great Smart Phone case we can have some extra security if we have to leave her alone for a few hours to run errands. Or even later during the time of year that she is actually in her own home when my brother-in-law arrives back here for the winter.

Order Yours Today and Stay Healthy!

This product makes it so simple because it is available for so many different phones! Check it out here now to see if your Smart Phone model is available.

Now you can also take additional control over your health and improve it. There are many different ways to do so and we have found one way here.