Texas Seceding from the Union: Exploring Texit

There is a debate starting in Texas about seceding from the Union. Becoming known as “Texit”, I am not sure if it is truly a serious movement as yet. However it does get a person thinking. Looking at several Pros and Cons and remaining neutral while living in Texas, but not originally from Texas. This should be an informative read whether you are here in Texas, from Texas or what ever. Additionally I hope to be providing an overview of the key arguments that both support and oppose the idea. Bringing to light pros and cons for the pursuit of independence for Texas.

State of Texas: Texas Seceding from the Union

Before we do the deep dive on this debate about Texas seceding from the United States, as of the writing of this article (January 2024), let me clarify that the official steps to secede is not yet proceeding. In fact, the Republican Party of Texas rejected putting it on the 2024 Primary Ballot despite the Texas Nationalist Movement gathering signatures to make that happen. So if a secession occurs, it is years down the road.

Why is Texas Contemplating Seceding from the Union?

In researching for this answer, I went to the TNM, Texas Nationalist Movement website for more information. Because they are the group organizing the movement. Looking at the support they are receiving, it does appear a growing number of Texans feel that Texas would be better off as an independent nation.

A Personal Viewpoint

This causes me to wonder, is it because of the tug of war going on with our border? In addition, do the citizens of Texas need to just cow down to Biden and the Biden-ettes; accept all the illegal migrants coming in through illegal means to Texas? One needs to note, living down here in the RGV, that it isn’t the Mexicans we despise coming. In fact, it is the other countries who are having their “army-age” single men infiltrate our country. We support that everyone has the right to a better life. However there are also the Rights of those of us who are already here legally that are being infringed upon.

The majority of my ancestors came through Ellis Island back in the 1800’s. But I also have family that came to America in the 1600’s. What’s crazy is that they ALL followed the rules and regulations of that time. They registered and became law abiding citizens. Several generations have served American since the Revolutionary War. How do I know? I am also a genealogist for my family and I have documentation showing all that.

Pros of Texit:

  1. Increased Freedom: Secession would permit Texas greater freedom to shape and define its own policies and laws. Ultimately tailoring them to better suit the unique needs and values of the state’s diverse population.
  2. Economic Independence: As the 8th largest economy globally and continually growing and expanding, Texas possesses the resources and infrastructure to allow the state and its citizens to thrive independently. Because of this it is showing that it can continue economic growth and self-sustainability.
  3. Control over Resources: Texas has a large selection of natural resources, and should it become successful in seceding from the union, Texas will have direct control over these resources, such as oil and gas. Which in turn is allowing the state to manage these assets according to its own interests.
  4. Preservation of Cultural Identity: Texas is very proud of its history. Additionally with seceding from the union it can better preserve and promote its distinct cultural identity, traditions, and values without interference from the federal government. Until you become a resident, understanding the Texas Pride that exists in the state is vast. They like what they have made the state into and welcome you in with open arms, but leave their culture, traditions and values alone. Learn to enjoy what they enjoy.
  5. Control over the Border: This is a very present issue that is in the headlines daily, protecting the southern border between Texas and Mexico. The administrations policies of “Open Border” is not appreciated, especially in areas that are overwhelmed by migrants crossing illegally in Eagle Pass, El Paso, Mission/Pharr/McAllen, Brownsville. Many would prefer making it tougher to cross and enforce the crossings take place at the established locations to stop the strain of local resources for the thousands crossing every day.

Cons of Texit:

  1. Economic Challenges: Separation from the Union may lead to uncertainies in the economy. For example, loss of federal funding, trade disruptions including policy changes, even adjustments in currency. All of which could negatively impact the state’s economy.
  2. National Security Concerns: Those against seceding are arguing that if Texas were to become independent, there would be issues and challenges as far as national security. Primarily because it will be without the US military as well as intelligence apparatus in the event of a crisis.
  3. Legal and Constitutional Issues: This may be the biggest issue over all the others: The U.S. Constitution does not explicitly allow for secession. It doesn’t say it is impossible. However Texans will need to be ready to face significant legal challenges and constitutional hurdles.
  4. Potential for Social and Political Divisions: Secession could intensify social and political divisions within Texas, as residents may hold differing opinions on the matter. Such divisions could impact social cohesion and stability within the newly independent state.

Texas Seceding from the Union, Will It Happen?

While the actual act of secession is very complex and has a multitude of issues to think through, if it truly gains more momentum and the citizens of Texas unite together, it could happen. Think of it as a specific block of homes trying to leave an HOA. The process is long and arduous, but given the will and determination as well as the unification of the neighbors, it could happen. On the other hand, something else may happen and secession won’t be necessary. Perhaps other states will take a closer look at the yearning for independence Texas wants and decide that Texas may be on to something. It could change the course the United States is on right now, which in my opinion is Socialism.

A Final Enlightenment of Information

This is just my opinion, but hey, it is my blog page too. But very slowly many of our freedoms are being quietly wiped away by the Federal and State, even Local governments. Our eduation system, the generations of our future, are being indoctrinated with this same marketing that the government wants us to believe. They are trying to change history. Changing our mathematics to where kids can simply justify their incorrect answer. Thankfully we have a solution, a private school solution. One where the government has no control over our teachers. If you are understanding what I am saying, perhaps you will want to take a look at our Brainfood Academy. You can see our curriculum, meet the teachers and finally have a say in your children’s education.

Women’s rights are slowly disappearing as well. Different sports organizations are being forced to endure people who were Born Male but want to be recognized as Female to be allowed to participate in womens sports. The right for women to control and make decisions on their own bodies. This has been changed with the overturning of Roe v Wade. Ultimately, the decision to pursue Texit requires careful examination. As well as consideration of the long-term implications for both Texas and the United States as a whole.

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