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Taking life to the max.  Just thinking about it, what does it mean to you?  Does it mean being more than you ever thought you could be?  What if there is a product that not only gives you additional healthy energy without jitters?  Think of what it would mean to you if you had improved focus on your daily tasks.  Thank you for checking out PrevailMax.  I have been taking this for just a couple weeks so far and my life is changing.  My Supermom powers are coming back!  I can even tell when I have missed a dose!

Taking Life To The Max

taking life to the max

This little spray is so much more than what I have personally noticed.  It is a nutritional breakthrough for your cells.  By delivering a rapid increase of internal blood cell pressure which speeds absorption, your body is able to take the most advantage of the nutrients in foods and nutritional supplements.  The electrolytes in PrevailMax go right where your body needs them.

Encourages Maximum Hydration

Another benefit of PrevailMax is it encourages maximum hydration, which also encourages you to keep taking life to the max.  If you were to take this under a microscope, picture a basketball that is fully inflated.  Your cells become round and tight.  This in turn electromagnetically charges the cells that is telling them to create maximum cellular hydration.  This gives the cells additional strength to carry vitamins and supplements to where your body needs them the most.  This in turns helps to eliminate toxins in the body.

Taking Life to the Max with Poor Eating Habits

Did you know the average person, especially in the USA are eating fatty foods?  These poor eating habits we are not correcting are causing us to have increased sugar consumption.  In as much it requires certain medications to correct.  We are exposed daily to carbon monoxide, excessive caffeine, alcohol, and stress.  All these factors cause red blood cells to stick together and “stack up” like a roll of coins, preventing nutrients from being properly absorbed.

PrevailMax is here to help correct all that.  Literally taking life to the max!  You need to try it today.  It is really simple and has an amazing hint of mint!  Just 4 sprays onto your tongue, hold for 15-20 seconds, then swallow.  Carry on with what you were doing.

Personal Outtake

Ok so when Rory and I chat it is always about something to grow my business and in July 2018, it was to truly just use the SlimRoast Optimum coffee powder.  I wanted to see if I could really lose weight as easy as they said.  Not only am I losing weight – 17 pounds as of today, but when I add PrevailMax to my regimen, I notice my workouts in the gym are more intense.  I am truly giving this body of mine a workout.

taking life to the max

Who am I?  I am a wife of 28 years and mom of 2 Marine sons.  While I work a Full-time job as well as growing my own business.  I also feel I need to be Super Mom.  Like many others, I want to be in better health. Both my parents are gone due to health reasons – ALS took my mom and renal failure/cardiac arrest took my dad.  I became an orphan before I turned 40.  As I never act my age, I am very young at heart.  Being a stress eater, I am overweight and have a difficult time losing weight.  Unfortunately, I also inherited my father’s quick temper.  Like so many of us, I also enjoy those foods which are not the best for us and tend to avoid those that are.

Get Super Mom Back Today!

Am I sounding familiar yet?  Know anyone like me or at least has one or more of the traits and habits?  While this entire product line from Valentus has something for everyone.  I would like to encourage you to look at my pages, see something that you relate to or want to try and go for it.  Try it for a month.  Whereas the below are additional links to the other pages for the products.

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