Sweaty Palms Get a Grip with Liquid Chalk

No matter your activity, sweaty palms is something no one wants to deal with during any activity. It is time to get a grip with Liquid Chalk. The only time sweaty palms are acceptable are for the young man asking a young lady for that first date, or to go to prom, or even during a marriage proposal. Workouts, rock climbing, various sports activities, even on the job activities require you to get a grip. You have seen liquid chalk in stores, but this one is like no other! You need to see it now.

sweaty palms

Time to Say Good-Bye to Sweaty Palms

This simple solution truly is a remedy when you need to rid yourself of sweaty palms (or feet!). The many uses for this can help so many and save on blisters at the same time. No one likes to rip their hands open from repeated motions such as weight lifters and gymnasts; or even just simple work around the house such as raking. It used to be that calluses were a sign of a hard worker, but those days are gone. With so many no longer regularly doing manual labor, ripping up your hands and waiting for the blisters to heal and become calluses is a real inconvenience.

Who Needs Liquid Chalk?

Simply put, everyone has a need sometime for this liquid chalk. But let’s take a closer look to get a better idea. However pretty much anyone who uses chalk in an activity whether for convenience or safety, or even improved performance. Wherever there is a need for that powder bag or block, there is a need for this liquid chalk.

Weight lifters, Fitness Gyms

Athletes for power lifting, CrossFit treat their bodies with a regimen of nutrition and physical activities to prime their bodies to be the best they can be. Many of them, as they are performing their workouts and using the weights, especially the power lifting, they require a solid grip. For them sweaty palms can actually be a safety issue, but more importantly affect their performance. With better grip they hit more of their personal records. Keep in mind that the commercial gyms typically do not permit any chalk use, so this is more for use in the dedicated gyms or your own home gym. Get your own today and see the improvements!


Whether they are performing on the uneven bars, high bar, parallel bars, and rings, the use of chalk is necessary to reduce friction. You will also see them using chalk before performing their floor, pommel horse and balance beam for better grip and absorbing sweat. Sometimes it seems like there is even a chalk cloud competition when they are getting their hands chalked up. You would think that laundering all this chalk could be messy, you would be correct. Not to mention the mats in the gym would be cleaner and breathing will be easier. Now we can clean it up.

Racket sports

You always see tennis players grabbing towels to dry their hands. And while it has been a few decades since John McEnroe purposefully let his racket soar in the air, a racket going airborne is bad. They need better grip, but most will not risk using gloves. It’s been proven that many players lose the feel for the racquet. The players prefer to risk blisters because the powder chalk, while it would help, it wears off too quickly. It is time for liquid chalk.

Construction Workers

Swinging hammers, saws and other equipment, adding in sweaty palms is a bad idea. Let’s help our guys and gals in the construction industry with the liquid chalk. They can literally clip it to their tool belt so it is ready and waiting when they need it. Also, while gloves are great, they can get warm and you also lose finger dexterity. This in turn can cause a safety hazard. Keep them safer with this incredible product that works!


Yardwork isn’t an easy task. The workers are typically outdoors and using their hands with the various tools and hand-held power equipment. Developing blisters is an every day occurrence. Imagine having some liquid chalk that is portable and easy to apply. It also won’t clog up any of the equipment as it will if powder chalk is used instead.

Now let’s bring it truly to the home. Where could you see the benefit of using liquid chalk? To me, every single fall raking the leaves. I always get a blister on my hands in the area between my thumb and index finger. For someone who is on the computer almost 7 days a week, it is extremely difficult to type in my normal fast rate with band-aids on my hands. Now granted if you are trimming trees or chopping wood, you will want the protection of gloves, but even with gloves I have gotten blisters from the friction.

I am so looking forward to using this product! We have 4 large Oak trees with acorns. Our raking is intense as we need to try to get as many acorns up as possible. And we never get it complete in one day or even a single weekend. So, in as much as I love the weather we have here in South Texas, completing yardwork over a course of multiple weekends is still difficult. However doing so with existing blisters still needing to heal hands makes it harder.

Leave the Powder Chalk in the Dust

One of the biggest downfalls of Powder chalk is the dust. It’s messy no matter how you look at it, but beyond that it also can cause some health issues. Inhaling dust of any kind is unhealthy for our lungs. Chalk dust is even worse because long-term effects on our lungs. Now furthermore, experts say chalk in and of itself isn’t harmful to people in small amounts. However, when you are putting your hands in the chalk bowl and rubbing your hands together, you are for all intents and purposes shedding skin particles back into the bowl. Skin can carry bacteria and thus cause other issues for people in the gyms. The chalk dust also has dust mites which, while this sounds gross, lays eggs, defecates in the chalk. The droppings cause people to have “allergies”. Let’s keep the gyms cleaner so they can stay open.

Keeping Your Hands Healthy

When it comes to keeping your hands healthy, the same challenges for the above people exist. Because of their continuous use of their hands, exposure to the elements and more, we now have a hand balm that helps your hands become healthy. No more dry, cracked hands. Come check out more what we have here.