Survival Gear and Equipment For Outdoor Fun

No matter where you live in the world, survival gear and equipment are necessary for a variety of reasons. When we find an amazing site with true quality equipment, we want you to know about it. There is a definite need and everyone is looking for something that falls into this area. Perhaps you are an outdoor enthusiast. Or you are prepping for if the unspeakable happens (you know, that zombie apocalypse). In addition, some are looking to go off grid permanently. This is the site you need, we found it here. Come take a look!

survival gear and equipment

Survival Gear and Equipment Must-Haves For Outdoor Fun

When you are looking for a weekend getaway, but have nothing planned. We need to get at least some basic supplies. Here we have found a great product line that has everything from a sturdy roomy tent to cooking supplies to hunting and fishing as well as Ready to Eat meals! They even have it so you can bring your own portable power grid!

Camping in the Great Outdoors – Mom Style

Taking our sons camping to the great outdoors, whether it was in northwest WI, Southern Minnesota, or even down to Seabase in the Florida Keys, I am finding products here I would love to take with on those excursions. I was the mom who loved her tent. I even brought my laptop a few times to stay up on emails for the job. However, now working from home, the boys are grown, I find myself yearning to get back outdoors. Even if it is in a camper. Following are a few things I would love to have for the next time I get to spend a weekend in the outdoors.

Portable Power Grid

survival gear and equipment

So this piece of equipment alone would have been amazing to have! Recharging our devices and being more prepared for storms that always seem to target us. When you are a 10 minute run from the nearest storm shelter, advance warning of the actual radar was nice to have. The only negative. The app that was the best for watching radar takes a lot of juice from our batteries. And imagine sleeping in a tent where you have to keep it securely shut due to animals we call little bears, like gophers, raccoons, even spiders; tent fans are a must have. But the batteries you need to pack with to last an entire week are extremely heavy.

With the options they offer on this new product line, you can pick exactly the one you want for what ever your reason. This would be great in a power outage situation too because you can at least power a laptop or keep your phones charging. Staying in communication with others either out camping or in an emergency situation is crucial for your safety.

Pre-made foods

When you are enjoying the outdoors and are truly relaxing around the campfire, one of the last things anyone wants to do is meal prep. Trust me, I know after taking 70+ boys a week every summer to the North Woods of Western Wisconsin for 9 years straight. Add to that all the other weekend campouts we did year round. Yes, even in Minnesota, we did tent camping in the winter. The boys would actually get an award, Zero Hero, for spending 24 hours outside overnight when the temp would fall below 0F.

The food I am browsing through on this product line are in easy to store, easy to carry packages that for a warm meal need boiling water added to make it a delicious meal. In reading the reviews, everyone is a happy camper with how the food is tasty and filling. Two big wins for me! They even have freeze-dried fruits that would be a great snack after dinner while the dump cake is cooking in the coals!

Fishing Lures – Most Creative Ones Yet!

survival gear and equipment

These creative little fellows are sure to attract the fish. Because everyone knows that in fishing in both saltwater and fresh water, the adult turtles prey on fish eggs. Naturally fish aren’t able to go after the big turtles, so they zone in on the babies and gobble them up. Unsure of which color to use? No worries, the fish are colorblind. Just pick the one that attracts you, or buy some of each and enjoy testing. What’s even better is that you rig them up just like the Texas rig worm. It even has a little slot to keep the hook from getting hung up.

Survival Gear and Equipment and More!

The one thing I see on this site for Survival gear and equipment, there is so much more to look at and see. As a lover of the outdoors, finding ways to spend more time outside and enjoying it is important to me. The only thing I haven’t found yet. And that is a better way to transport my bottles of wine to the campsite in the backpack. Well, at least I know the wine comes to my door from the valleys of Sonoma and Napa in California. Perhaps you maybe want to just send Dad and the kids off for the weekend. Therefore you can enjoy your wine like me, but in the comfort of your own home? You can! Order today!