Support Files – Tipping Circle & PrimeGate City

The support files in this area are for use as a reference. Specifically for those active with Tipping Circle, PrimeGate City, and Performance Giving Network. This includes our integrated apps for TV, Chat, and Games. If you found yourself here and have no idea what I am writing about, I would like to invite you to my page that starts it all – FreeTV.

Welcome to the Support Files for Tipping Circle & PrimeGate City

Filing a Support Ticket: As with all things related to technology, sometimes things need human intervention. If you are having an issue with your account with Tipping Circle, come review this page. This is also for anything related to our Integrated Apps. We want your experience with our Community to be a refreshingly positive one.

Hotspot Troubleshooting: As we continue to populate the world with our hotspots we understand this is new technology. For the most part it is plug-n-play. However in case yours is not working nicely with your firewall, we have troubleshooting ideas located here.

support files

IoT Hotspot Help Desk – PrimeGate City: This section is where you will find our basic Helium Hotspot set-up information. We even cover what the little colors mean.

Payout Flow: This is probably one of the current, most important pages. Especially after getting Tipping Circle and your Paypal account to connect together. While we are setting up a more automatic system, we have to do things a little more manual to get your payments to you. It’s all here for you to follow along. Be sure to check back often as once the new system is up and running, this page will be changing.

PrimeGate City Lists: You are all set to get going and become a Team Lead or City Developer! But perhaps you would like to research a little more and see what Cities are available. You can take a quick scroll through this page. Currently set-up in 3 sections: Top 50 Cities, Top 51-200 Cities and Top 201-500 Cities. These are currently all USA cities, but again, keep watching as we expand globally!

Thank you for visiting and reviewing our support files. Meanwhile be sure to come back often as we are literally just beginning and the growth potential is very exciting right now.