Super Bowl Commercials that Keep Our Attention

Super Bowl commercials have a huge marketing impact in so many markets. For over 50 years, companies count on those commercials to bring more people and to drive sales. And this year’s class of commercials will either bring the crowds or chase them over to the Puppy Bowl.

super bowl commercials

It could be based on whimsy or drama, as long as it grabs your attention and gets you thinking about their product. But how many times have you seen a great commercial and couldn’t remember what the product was?

Favorite All-time Super Bowl Commercials

The first commercial taking the favorite slot in 1967 was Tang. Comparing it to more recent commercials, it was great for its time, but like Tang itself, there are other beverages taking center stage. Commercials weren’t competitive until the 1970’s and then the cost of one of those coveted spots increased. For comparison’s sake, this 30 second commercial for Tang cost around $42,000. In 2019, estimates are saying costs could be up to $5.5 Million!

One of the longest standing and often most watched commercials is Coca Cola. This year, 2019, will be the first year Coca Cola will not be in one of the cherished spots for commercials. They are choosing to have a commercial just before kickoff. How does that affect your viewing of commercials? Will it cause you to jump on early to try and catch it? Perhaps you feel this is just a media ploy on Coca Cola’s part. No matter what you think, do or say will have no bigger impact on their decision than what you do with your own dollar.

Beverages seem to take (and Pay) Top Dollar

Coca Cola has one thing that no one else has…that is one of the most all-time remembered commercial from 1980 with Mean Joe Greene and the young boy who gave Mean Joe a Coke. Mean Joe tossed the kid his jersey. It is simple, but memorable. As a 10 year old girl, it made an impact on me that I remember it today.

And don’t leave Pepsi out in the cold. Utilizing high profile people in their commercials to help boost their viewership. Who can forget the 1987 Michael J Fox going the extra mile to make a lasting impression or the 1990 with Ray Charles having his Diet Pepsi swapped out with a Diet Coke. Pepsi also had Cindy Crawford show off the new look of Pepsi. What kind of car did she drive up in?

This Bud’s For You

Another long-term runner is Budweiser and according to Town & Country Mag. In our home we are dedicated to Budweiser. Our dogs Buddy, Annie and Micha are all short for Budweiser, Anheuser and Michelob. I have many that I love and probably cannot choose just one. Between the Donkey dreaming to be one of the revered Clydesdales, the puppy running away to be with his Clydesdale buddies or the one waiting at home for his owner with different outcomes, or the Clydesdale who grew up and ran back for his owner. They all evoke emotions of the heart and make them memorable. And don’t leave out the FROGS!


Food gets involved in the Commercials too

McDonalds first appeared in Super Bowl commercials in 1975 with their Big Mac. Can you name all those ingredients in order? Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on sesame seed bun. Okay but can you do it without singing it? Catchy phrases and songs really help in keeping commercials in everyone’s memory. And isn’t it funny how it’s the kids who catch on the quickest?

And between Lays and Doritos, how many have gotten hungry for those darn chips? Ever gone to a party and had more than just 2 flavors of Lays and Doritos? How are we to choose? And then pairing it with what we are drinking. Is it OK to mix Nacho Cheese Doritos with Sour Cream and Cheddar Lays with a premium red wine? Or should it be a Sauvignon Blanc? You know it is just football, you do you.

Automakers Leave their Mark too

We have seen Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Kia all get creative over the years, but Melissa McCarthy outdid herself in the 2017 commercials for Kia. Already hilarious as an actress and comedienne, these scenarios are tongue in cheek for the Hollywood peeps. As it makes fun of some of the causes they speak loudly on but often no action. Well, Melissa has the action!

Don’t miss this year’s Super Bowl festivities, including all the new commercials. Be sure to watch Kevin Frazier, co-host of Entertainment Tonight, take viewers on the behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the Hyundai and “Avocados from Mexico”.

Sit back, grab a bowl of Doritos, a Budweiser (or premium wine), all the other foods that say it’s a Super Bowl Party and watch those Commercials! I mean who really wants to watch a bunch of grown men fight over a ball? KIDDING! Need some ideas for Super Bowl food? Check out my Super Bowl Party Food Must-Haves!

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