Staying Positive and Letting the Angels Guide you

Staying positive is importance when you are manifesting. You reap what you sow, your thoughts are just as strong as your actions. For a few years now I have received guidance from the archangels. Now this may sound like I have lost it completely, and perhaps, I may have. However, the guidance I receive from the angels, especially when I reflect back on what they communicate to me versus outcomes, has been overwhelmingly accurate.

One important factor in all this is my willingness to take actions to achieve the things that are brought to my attention. But the Universe is a vast place with many actions being taken. Some actions are in great positive and purposeful strokes while others lend to being selfish and negative. It is all in which you choose. Good versus evil. Sometimes it can be the right way and the wrong way, or even more so, long road or the shortcut. My experiences show that shortcuts end up being the long way because they were too good to be true.

Today, after a few weeks of feeling overwhelmed, frustration, negativity, I chose to reopen a specific deck of angel cards. This is still new to me and I feel this page is my outlet to let others know about the various archangels and letting the angels guide you.

Refill your Positive Pitcher

Another thing you must do to stay positive is refill your self. Think of yourself as a pitcher of water, as people come to you for help, guidance, cheering up, whatever, you are emptying yourself into them. After a while, your pitcher is empty and you are shaking every last drop out to help others. Pretty soon you find yourself in a poor mindset, I am not talking about depression, just that blah feeling that nothing is going right. You just don’t know what to do. That is where I was at today.