Environmentally Friendly Bitcoin You Need

Environmentally friendly bitcoin, Stake Base is a new breed of cryptocurrency. The price of bitcoin is affected by our governments as to the value it achieves. While the bitcoin value fluctuates hourly. This new breed of bitcoin is sustainable and is perfect for those of us just getting introduced to the cryptocurrency game. It is also environmentally friendly bitcoin. We call it a Green Bitcoin.

Staying up to date in the financial industry is important to the world of investing. For the private citizen, Bitcoin news isn’t generally one they follow and one needs to have at least a small idea of how bitcoin investing works. The same can be said for cryptocurrencies, the variety of bitcoins available everyday.

The first thing to know about cryptocurrencies is that it is here to stay. Currently the value is fluctuating severely and since 2018, the value has diminished significantly. However one must make note that there is still value to bitcoin. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, confidence was extremely low in the then-new payment form we now take for granted. Credit Cards were not a popular form of payment when it first came out. Only a decade out from the Great Depression, many didn’t even trust banks. They preferred mattresses, books and cigar boxes.

The current bitcoin works by being mined. People use supercomputers and gaming computers all in the name of mining as much and as fast as possible. This tactic is not very friendly on the environment. And because Energy consumption is big, people are looking for ways to invest in Bitcoin that is more efficient, many turn to staking.

What is Staking?

Staking is a method of investing and mining bitcoin. With Staking you support the network by saving what you find, which results in finding more blocks in a faster rate. In Proof of Stake, you are holding the bitcoins you purchase for a given amount of time. Once you reach that time of not spending your bitcoin, you receive a reward with additional bitcoins. Think of it like a bank transaction of putting money into an interest bearing account. The more you put there and leave there, the more interest you earn.

Environmentally Friendly Bitcoin

environmentally friendly bitcoin

Energy consumption and costs are the biggest difference between Stake Base and other cryptocurrencies. Because the other cryptocurrencies require mass amounts of energy consumption to perform the mining the costs involved in bitcoin mining is prohibitive. The industry calls it Proof of Work.

This is not good for those who have an interest in bitcoin mining, but want to keep expenses low. If you want to be serious about mining bitcoin you need a supercomputer or a gaming computer which requires more energy. The best setup would have multiple computers, which is very ineffective for keeping costs to a minimum. Recent opinions are now stating the cost to mine Bitcoin exceeds the profit bitcoin would bring in. There is a need to get a more environmentally friendly bitcoin.

To be responsible investors we need to be more environmentally friendly bitcoin miners. And the great thing is that Stake Base does just that by using the Proof of Stake . Because the amount of energy consumed is that of an average desktop computer. Also the initial monetary investment is much less than Proof of Work. Because those super computers or even a gaming computer are more expensive than others. It isn’t for the average person to just jump on board

With Proof of Stake currency holders, it is easier for the average person to become active and earn currency, won’t break the bank on energy consumption, and removes barriers to allow for further distribution of the currency.

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