RRR247 PBS Information for Future Students

RRR247 is not just a company, it is a lifestyle. If you are looking for an incredible opportunity to own your own time, keep reading. If you are serious about making this work, then this page is for you.

Remember the Core Values of RRR247.com. We Love Everyone. We are a Family. And We Strive for Awesome-ness! Whether you are one of my direct students or a student of one of my students, you are welcome here.

If you are not a current student with a Performance Blogging System but would like to become a student and get your system going now, please register here NOW and then email me at prosperinggoals@gmail.com.

If you are just looking for more information about what this Amazing Opportunity with RRR247.com has to offer, you can read more about it at my page: http://4m81.com/link-post-blogging/

A Blessing

Why did I choose to invest in a business like RRR247.com and be active with my own Performance Blogging System? I have done Network Marketing companies before, and I will admit it, I sucked. Just flat out couldn’t become a “success” like it seemed others could. I have done multiple other companies, became a product of the product and spammed my friends and family.

This opportunity is a blessing. We are a true family at RRR247. Instructors and students alike are here for a common reason, to grow and serve others. Not only have I been given this blessing, I am beyond blessed to be able to bring it to others. No where else will you have an opportunity like this where for less than $100 can you invest in a business, receive an education that equates to college courses on Website/Blog creation with an instructor.

Not Like Other Work At Home Businesses

Another item I want to mention is that I have yet to do the dreaded 100’s list. This is a list where you write down everyone you know, friends of friends, and acquaintances. Then your upline (or recruiter) expects you to reach out and call each and everyone of them to coerce them into giving you a sale. Sound familiar? How many of your friends and family actually purchased from you? Better yet how many more ran away from you?

With RRR247.com, when you follow our flow, remain coachable, there are rewards. They go beyond monetary. They are food for the soul. Whether or not you are a Believer, everyone benefits from our business.

Personal Growth

I am growing in belief of myself. It is such a wonderful feeling to have a positive attitude. Not just a couple times a day or week, but every day, every hour. The opportunities we have here are becoming endless. New opportunities are brought to us constantly. We have opportunities in so many different areas, areas that I would have never expected to be involved in. I encourage you to at least check us out.

If you are coachable and NOT looking for a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme, then this may just be what you are looking for. Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least look into this amazing opportunity?

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.