Protect from EMF

You see articles everywhere talking about protect from electromotive force (EMF) and the various articles written cautioning people about exposure. In fact, there are just as many articles stating there is no risks. Sounds very confusing and the more you try to research it on the internet the more confusing it gets. Even more frustrating is trying to figure out if you should care. So let’s start at the beginning.

What is Electromotive Force (EMF)?

Electromotive Force is simply the electrical pulses occurring around us from the different devices that plug in. This includes the “Smart Things” around our homes, computers, cellphones and electric vehicles are the main devices, but now your smart things include appliances such as washer, dryer, refrigerator. It is crazy that my appliances now communicated with my cellphone! All this is generating EMF, exposing our bodies to the health effects of EMF.

Health Effects from EMF

Some of the negative effects to our health from EMF exposure is not a finite list. The list is growing. Science and medical coincidences are popping up like popcorn. No one wants to come right out and say certain health issues are specifically caused by EMF, but the coincidences are becoming harder to deny.

Personally, I have suffered from migraines. Now that I have taken steps to protect myself from EMF exposure, the migraines have gone away. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease is a disease for which there is no known cause or cure, however residential and occupational exposure to EMF has been appearing in studies over the past 3 decades.

Health Effects We Need to Protect From EMF

It is showing that 10-80% of the radiation from your cellphone can penetrate into your brain by 2 inches when you hold your cellphone up to your ear. However if you are a child, that same penetration is actually deeper! In children, the penetration is even deeper. There are even studies that show how cell phones being near the head is causing changes in brainwaves in 70% of people. Even more concerning is that this potential danger is so great and serious, the insurance companies are now starting to exclude coverage for injuries and illnesses that pertain to wireless phone radiation exposure.

These potential injuries can range from headaches and blurred vision to cancer. Review this list below and take a personal inventory of yourself and family:

Genetic damage
Impaired immune system
Cancers, including brain tumors and melanoma
Break in the brain/blood barrier
Reduced melatonin
Interference with pacemakers
Memory loss
Changes in electrical activity in the brain
Cardiovascular stress
Eye problems

ALS and Emerging Information about EMF

From a personal perspective, I sure wish I knew then what I know now. You see, my own mom passed away from ALS and they could not determine a “Why”. In 2002-2004 while my mom underwent many tests, no one ever looked at her past occupations. In fact, my brother and I were both told that they didn’t even know if it was the hereditary version or not. Isn’t that comforting to have that in the back of your mind?

I am not declaring that her symptoms were specifically and definitively caused by EMF, but given that she was exposed to higher levels of EMF in various working situations, it cannot be ignored. When my brother and I were young, mom was a stay at home mom during the day. However at night after she tucked us in to bed, she went off to work in an manufacturing facility where electronic components were made. Then later as we were young adults, she worked in a newspaper building surrounded by the big fluorescent lights and huge humming machinery. She suffered from headaches and migraines, but that information was not told to my brother and I. She and Dad didn’t want us to worry.

Other health issues that have ties to EMF are heart and brain related illnesses. It is public knowledge that Radiation exposure is not a good thing. Farmers for years have argued about the high voltage wires running through their pastures where their dairy and beef cattle spend their days.

Protect from EMF

So knowing we are in a world where EMF is seemingly everywhere, do we just roll over and hope it goes away? As I learn more, I realize that the only way we can protect ourselves is by learning more about EMF and the steps we can take personally to offer ourselves protection.

EMF Protection devices

If you are looking for an initial step you control on protection, we have found something. This is something you will want to have and wear. The more you learn about it, you will want everyone you care for to wear one as well. GO HERE TO GET IT. And this is absolutely something you are more than welcome to reach out to us for more information on.

Orgone Pyramid benefits

orgon pyramid to protect from EMF

Balancing body and spirit. With an Orgone Pyramid, you may feel motivation, positive energy, better sleep, focus and just and overall well-being. All this counteracts negativity as well as reducing Electromagnetic fields. Yes this is a simple way to protect from EMF. I keep one on my desk near my monitors since I work from home.

How does Orgone pyramids work to protect from EMF

So just how does Orgone work? Simply put orgone is energy. Orgone Pyramids are orgone generators. Their shape is identical to the Egyptian Pyramids. They have the unique ability to clean the energies in the room as well as protect the individuals from the EMF radiation. So when a pyramid is in a location like work, living or sleeping spaces, the protection starts to work. There are actual researches conducted in a Laboratory show that living body cells increase their immunity when there is exposure to orgone pyramids. In addition these same cells are showing to reach optimal physical and psychological health. All are health benefits from just having an orgone pyramid in the room.


Protect Yourself from EMF for Cellphones

Our cellphones are pretty much on our persons 24/7, right? Protection from our phones’ EMF radiation has long been in the news. Whether it was because the ladies were carrying them in their bras – yes, it was convenient with not having to carry a purse. Additionally the guys will put them in their breast pocket of their shirts, or back pocket in their pants. You are carrying the EMF causing device closer to you than any other device, unless you are always

Many of us now are using Bluetooth technology with Earphones and headsets; and even speaker modes which provide distance, but they do not completely eliminate the danger. By simply having the power on your device active, including standby or airplane modes, you are exposing yourself and others to EMF.

So is there something simple to protect us from the EMF on our cellphones? The answer is yes! The Bio Arc Disc comes in 2 sizes. The small one is a perfect size to fit on the back of your phone, or do as I do and place it between your phone and cellphone case. Something so small and simple that it almost doesn’t seem like protection, but then again is your life worth a quick protection opportunity? Be sure to get your own by going here. Makes great gifts for birthdays and holidays and no batteries required!

In conclusion, the purpose of this article is to bring to your attention the risks of EMF and what you can do to better protect yourself. We offer an entire line of products that do just that. Help us spread the word to make our world and our homes safer for everyone.

Also, if I have captured your attention with this article, you may be interested in another article I wrote recently about our 7 Chakras. When you start working on keeping yourself more in balance, when you are more aware of your surroundings, you can enjoy a better life.