Protect from Coronavirus – Build Your Immune System

Protect from Coronavirus. It seems the whole world is in a panic mode now. What started in March 2020 with shutdowns, where even the World Health Organization is declaring this a pandemic. We have seen shortages of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face masks. Moreover, these specific items are not directly helping to protect from coronavirus. Recently in December 2020, 2 vaccines are now reaching the public, but how many of us are truly going to jump in line to get the shot? What else is helping to protect us from Coronavirus? Keep reading for things we are doing in our home.

Protect from Coronavirus – Starting the Panic

We are watching the media reports about people buying up the stock of toilet paper, the hand sanitizers and now stealing face masks from local hospitals and clinics. And the constant reporting of how many deaths by the media hasn’t helped any of this because it is building the hype. This is becoming insanity when all we really need to do is build up our immune system. It is all logistics.

Start with the ABC’s

Literally, we are starting with the ABC’s.

Alphabet Song

You need to be washing your hands WITH SOAP for at least as long as it takes you to sing the Alphabet. Which is approximately 20 seconds. Others have said you can sing the Happy Birthday song twice. And now there are even websites that are giving out lists of songs you can sing while washing your hands! Songs such as “My Sharona”, only call it My Corona! But it all comes down to use soap and water and scrub your hands together for at least 20 seconds. Hey, be glad it isn’t the Barney song! You are welcome.

B is for Breath

Well okay, this one is a stretch but seriously, watch the personal space infringement. If you can smell someone else’s breath they are to close. Both of you back away and stay about 6 ft apart. That way should an errant cough or sneeze occur, you won’t be feeling the spittle. In addition, where a mask as a courtesy to others. It is inconvenient for now, but in time perhaps further proof will appear showing whether it truly helps or not.

Did you know in Japan, it is common when NOT feeling well, people will wear a face covering? That to me makes more sense. For healthy people to cover their faces still feels illogical. But again, it is my opinion on that.

Be Courteous – Cover the Cough

We cannot stress this enough. Cover your cough. Don’t worry about the mask if you feel fine. Coronavirus is transmitted from touch. But you know you don’t like it when others are coughing near you, be courteous to those around you. Whether they are co-workers, church members or just people out shopping, let’s treat others like we would like to be treated.

To Mask or not to Mask

That is the question. We see that masks are being stolen from clinics and hospitals. The employees are now getting mask rations because of the theft. Come on America! We are better than that. Besides, the masks will ONLY help if you are the ones sick. Healthy people wearing a mask is not preventing the illness!

If you have an Immune Deficiency, we get it. You need to protect yourself as well. This illness will be more than devastating to you. It can be life-threatening to you. You do you. No one should be judging others for their protection steps. We don’t live your life, you do. But if you choose to wear a mask, make sure it is an N95 Mask or you may as well wear toilet paper as a mask.

Other Precautions We Can Take

So now that we know the common-sense basics of staying healthy and helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus, what else can be done?

One thing we can do is boost our own immunity. I’m not making any health “cure” claims, but we all know that when we fill our bodies with good stuff and get plenty of rest, we tend to be healthier. So why not take a small extra step that may help you? We have two products that I personally take daily that are both known to boost one’s immunity.

Products for boosting immunity

protect from coronavirus

The first is our Immune Boost. I have a box of it in my home and take it daily. Why? The more important question is, why not? This grape flavored powder when mixed with water contains nutritional supplements that are proven to help your body protect itself from illnesses. Go here to find out more information by checking out my page on boosting your body.

The second product is our Blue Scorpion Venom Peptide, a product with a reputation in North Cuba for assisting those suffering from arthritis pain. More recently it has been in production as an immune boost. One little dropper of 10 drops (1ml) and your body is getting extra boosts. We have seen testimonies ranging from pain management improvement, illnesses disappearing and even cancer treatment. Personally I know that those of us who are consistently taking this as part of our normal every day routine, just like taking vitamins, are not getting sick. Want to read more about it? Go here.

If you take prescription medicines, make sure you have at least 2 weeks worth of them in the house in case you are put into self-quarantine.

Protect from Coronavirus when Travelling

Our travels will be by airplane. Airplanes and cruise ships are the largest harborers of germs in general. However, by boosting our immunity daily with just a bottle of water and mixing in a simple grape-flavored packet of powder, we are boosting our bodies. We may still fall ill, but perhaps it won’t last as long as others. Or the severeness of the illness may be lessened because we took a simple precaution. At least our precaution is a better one than stealing face masks that probably won’t help. Or even over buying toilet paper for symptoms that have nothing to do with protect from coronavirus.

Another protection we are doing is packing a ziplock baggy of the disinfectant wipes. Easy to pack, easy to protect results in ease of mind. Wiping down the tray, the armrests, seat belt, even the seat will help with additional protection.

But is there a need for Panic?

Let’s look at the overall reality of all this. Initially, the NBA, NHL, NCAA tournaments were being cancelled. MLB is delaying spring training. Major concerts and events are being canceled. Universities and colleges are suspending in-person classes for 2 weeks after their Spring Breaks end. More recently this fall, calmer reactions are occurring and teams are monitoring and quarantining to limit exposure risks. This may be overkill, it may not be, however remaining calm is critical. Did you know that stress and worry can inhibit your immune system? What will worry get us? Possibly sick. Let’s hope calmer heads prevail and this will work its way out of the US and the world.

What should I do if I become ill?

The best thing you can do is just stay away from people in general. Self-quarantine is the best way to stop the spread of Covid-19. Watch your symptoms. If you were fine one day and the next you spike a significant fever? Stay home. Put a call into your doctor. Stay hydrated. If your symptoms start including the more serious shortness of breath, call your doctor again.

Let Calmer Heads Prevail

Above all remember that yes, this has now been classified a Pandemic, but it is still not cause to jump and run. We do not need to be Chicken Little and declare the sky is falling. Let’s all be more like Yogi Bear and plan for the next picnic basket. Of course, no picnic is complete without a refreshing glass of fine wines!