Progress! My Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 2 and 3

Progress!  This weight loss journey is amazing.  I have been unbelievably busy with work and a 3 day event.  Today is August 4 and I cannot believe how amazing I am feeling!  When I did my weigh in on Tuesday, Mr. Scale said I was down 12 pounds!  I was ecstatic!  This is really happening to me!  Me, the “fat” girl in class.  The girl who no guy would flirt with in school, I was just everyone’s friend.  I called myself big boned just to not feel like crap as a teenager, but when your brother puts you down.  Well let’s just say I hid my feelings well and chose my friends wisely, aka not too skinny.

Progress! – Hitting a Milestone!

But then Wednesday August 1, I decided just to see if Mr. Scale still liked me.  Oh My Goodness!  I was BELOW 200 pounds!  The significance to me is that I was now 198 pounds – less than 200 pounds.  This is 7 pounds lighter than I weighed when I went to have our 1st son over 24 years ago!  I felt reborn again!  I noticed my clothes being a little baggier.  Don’t get me wrong, my journey has just begun, but to hit a milestone like that?  Cloud Nine!

If you haven’t ordered your SlimRoast Optimum yet, please just give it a try.  That was all I am doing.  Giving it a try.  The difference is that I am committed to this program and it isn’t even a month yet.

My Current Routine for my Weight Loss Journey

So what is it I am doing to achieve this progress with results?

First, I am not stressing about the scale.  It is what it is.

weight loss journey

Second, I begin my day with a decent breakfast…cereal – this past week it is Fruity Loops. Then I mix up my protein shake with a scoop of the coffee and 8 oz of water with 4 ice cubes.  Remember, I do not care for coffee.  The protein shake I use is strawberry flavor and it helps disguise the coffee taste a little more.

Third, I give each of our 3 dogs and ice cube.  Because if I don’t they will hound me and pout until I do.  It is part of my routine and I wouldn’t want anyone to say I forgot something. HA!

I do not chug the protein coffee, I do enjoy it.  This is all before 6 am because I head for work at 6 am.  Next I pack another protein shake (2 scoops) along with the coffee.  I will drink this about 9:45 – 10:00 am.  Then at 11:30 I will eat my lunch.  I don’t pack as much as I used to for my lunch because I get full faster.  I don’t even take a snack for mid-afternoon.  The key to making the day is drinking water.  I find myself actually thirsty and am drinking more than 64 ounces in a day now.

After Work – Evening Meal

For suppers we have had anything from burgers to frozen pizza to rice hotdish to tacos.  My family isn’t the ones trying to lose weight, it is only me.  I have not ever and don’t intend to cook something different for my family versus what I am going to eat.  It does not work.  You end up feeling deprived and will munch later.  Totally defeats the purpose of watching what you eat.  Just remember, everything in moderation.

Other Bonuses

My husband is always a huge source of support.  He knows to keep things positive and only wants what I want.  However, our son, Kory, has noticed my weight loss and asked me on Thursday how my knee is feeling.  Back in 2005 I had my ACL in my left knee replaced.  They say you can go 10-15 years.  I am at year 13 from surgery and have been keying my gym workouts towards strengthening my knee.  My goal is to not have to have any further surgeries.

One thing that was happening is that my knee would swell after the workout and I was either putting up with the pain or icing it down.  Since starting the coffee and losing the weight, no swelling or ache.  Pushed myself today at the gym with more squats and other knee-stressing exercises.  Feeling great!

Other Products to Get You Progress

So for my weight loss journey I have gone through a canister in just over 3 weeks because I am doing 2 cups of the coffee during the week.  I ordered on Sunday from the 3 day event I was doing for my Wine Club.  It arrived Thursday.  Love how quickly I got it.  They were running a special that if you got the SlimRoast Optimum, you could choose either the Breakthrough AM/PM or the PrevailMax.  I chose the PrevailMax this time since it is for stress.  And I am a stress eater.  I also want to see what additional progress I will see with it.

Get started now on your own weight loss journey.  Just click >>here<< to get your order placed today and drink yourself to a happier, lighter, healthier you!  Finally it is realistic to lose 15-20 pounds in a month!

**UPDATE – 1 year later!**

This is something not many take the time to do. That is reflect on the past year and see where they are at. Lots has changed, but yet much still is the same. The one thing I know is that not only have I kept off the pound, but I am still becoming healthier! I don’t watch my weight like I used to, but I can tell if I am having an off day. I use a variety of our products now too.

I added Immune Boost to my regimen and it has improved my sinus issues as well as when I feel run down or the proverbial sore throat signaling a cold. I am healthier. Pure and true. I also have better endurance in the gym. My clothes continue to become looser on me. I am happy being me and I am happy being free….of that excess weight.