Preventing Scraped Content

Preventing scraped content is something all bloggers should be striving for. However for many that is not the case because let’s face it sometimes it is just easier to copy someone else’s work. And take the credit for it. If you are trying for SEO rankings and Google AdSense, you need to work on preventing scraped content.

preventing scraped content

Scraped Content isn’t just the Facts Jack

While researching this subject of copyright free photos, I came across the site Varvy. They state quite clearly that scraped content is the taking of content from other places on the internet and then putting it out on your own site. There are even some sites that duplicate complete websites content! This is against the guidelines in place in the blogging world and are violating copyright laws in the USA and other countries. The sad thing is most know they are doing it.

Why even do this? Many sites are trying to increase their own SEO or Search Engine Optimization ranking. But it isn’t worth doing this ever! When you plagiarize or use scraped content you are actually hurting your Google Ranking. Here at RRR247, we partner WITH Google. Therefore we do as they ask and we create NEW content.

Scraping Content – The Bare Examples

So what are some examples of scraping? Pretty basic to understand and why we stress to not just change a couple words, but rather fully modify ALL your pages!

  • If your pages have content that you blatantly went to another site and did copy and paste and did NO modifying at all.
  • If you only modify a page by just changing a few words in a sentence.
  • And if your site embeds content such as images, videos, etcetera from other sites and you choose to not add additional content so it is of no real value to the user.
  • If your site has content that is a reproduction from another site and is not providing at least some sort of benefit to the user or has some distinctive organization.

Where did I get the above information? I went to multiple sites including Varvy and Google. The great thing with Google is that they spell it all out for us. We just have to go look!

What is too much?

There is no exact answer but common sense leans towards your website not to exceeding 10 percent of the content.

In our webinars when you are watching Paul completely rewrite a paragraph while modifying a page, pay close attention. He is truly teaching you the best way to make your page the best there is. We do have tools to help get you started, but you truly do not want to rely on these tools for the long haul. After much repetition, it gets easier. That is why we have you modify pages first and THEN start creating your own.

So basically everyone, just do as we do at RRR247. Follow what is laid out. Don’t be in a rush. Write it all out in your own unique way. Do it right the first time and don’t worry about having to redo it later.

If you have concerns about making sure your photos are okay to use as well, better read up on my page here for Copyright Free Photos.