Plan V – Create Your Future Now

Plan V, creating your future is now. Many of you have already gone throught most of the alphabet with trying different things, but have you gotten to Plan V? The purpose of this page is to expose you to a new future in both Wealth as well as Health. Plan V stands for Velovita, an amazing company led by amazing leaders showing us all how to not only create wealth, but create better health.

Pretty amazing right? So now let’s take a closer look at just why this is for you.

So, Why Plan V – Velovita?

plan v helps you with both wealth and health

Let me tell you a little about me and my path. I have been with Velovita since August of 2020, just a couple months after the launch on May 5. Prior to that I have been with many other so called health and wellness companies, but they all fell short in some way. Here with Velovita, we have an opportunity to impact others. I now get to experience a better health. I also get an opportunity to impact our family in a positive way. And I get to impact other families in both health and wealth. So many lives are changing for the better because of the products and the opportunity.

And here we are 4 years later and we continue to grow. We are truly a global company making a positive impact on as many people that we can reach! So now let’s take a business look at why Velovita needs to be your Plan V.

  • Over 100 Years of Experience between the 3 Founders and Owners
  • 100% Debt Free
  • 100% Vendor Free
  • Shipping World-Wide to over 70+ Countries
  • Free Shipping World-Wide
  • 100% Owner Operated
  • 5-Year Retirement Program
  • Hybrid Social Selling & Direct Selling
  • Paid in 4 ways with no caps or limits!!
  • Earn through Infinity on Sales

Look at each of these above. What speaks to you the most? Can you find it with other opportunities? We all know most people do not get into an opportunity because of the items above, they join because of the person offering it. They also tend to go with products they can relate with and are easy to understand. Let’s explore the products next.

What are the products?

We currently have 5 consumable products and 1 wearable product. Which of them is my favorite? That is very hard for me personally to choose my favorite. You see this picture below? The one on the left is me in Sept 2022 at our Velovita Gala. (Did I mention we have an opportunity to travel? Keep reading as I am definitely covering that here!) The picture of me on the right is March 2024. In just 18 months I not only feel better, but I look better. What is my “secret”? Using all of the products consistently.

My primary routine incorporates each of the 5 consumables and I take them in the following order:

  • uuth – as soon as I open my eyes and want to get going for the day. The liquid collagen has been amazing for my hair, skin and nails. The added boost of nitric oxide gets my body moving. I feel energized to get the day going. There is so much here I could say, but I will continue my testimony further on.
  • byom – Nothing starts the day better than after my shower and before breakfast with this gut health product. Did you know that most people who don’t feel well it can all point to their gut not being its best? No more bloating and feeling blah for me!
  • plos – Oh where to begin! This yummy snap is my stress-eating stopper, my carb craving killer. Warming it up on top of my chai latte tea in the morning and taking it straight is like licking the brownie batter bowl when Mom made brownies.
  • bran – This little snap is great on the go when I need a midday pick-me-up for brain energy, mental clarity, or making it through a long day of appointments to stay focused all day long. I love that if I need to, I can take more without hurting my health like those other energy boosting products.
  • zlem – Do you ever have those nights where your brain just will not shut down? I don’t have that issue any more. In less than 20 minutes, I literally cannot keep my eyes open. Have the extra boost to weight loss is nice too!

Plan V is the Best Opportunity

plan V

So why is this the best opportunity for you? We have it all figured out into a system that we teach you to share this with others. We have continuous training every single week showing you how to relate to people. Did you know it is way more fun to share product information with people who are looking for it? We have that here! And it is free to learn! In fact, we have something very special in that we have our marketing paid for us too. Forget that Hundreds List that other opportunities make you do. Like I said, we have a system. Let me show you how today!

And as always, We are available for contact regarding this; as well as anything on this Community Information System. See how by clicking here.