My Personal Weight Loss Journey

My personal weight loss journey is just that, personal.  However, if you are like me, you have been struggling to keep the pounds off.  I am writing this page on July 17, 2018, but my current journey started just a few short weeks before.

weight loss journey

I am involved in something we call  What is this?  To keep it quick and to get back on my weight loss journey, I get to write pages about different products and services.  It is a personal development system with a multistream income for a compensation plan.  The great thing is that different products and services are brought to me.  And that is how I started my current weight loss journey.  I was invited to join this crazy idea of drinking coffee and lose weight.

I Don’t Like Coffee!!

Let me begin by saying that I literally do not like the taste of coffee.  Can’t stand the smell of other’s breath who have been drinking it.  So needless to say, I was more than hesitant that this was going to be a product for me.  Rory filled me in.  He said I could mix it in with my protein shake every morning.  My attention was zeroing in on that.  I have always been a picky eater when it comes to taste and texture.  Could I really truly “grow up” and get over myself and just do it?  Well, YES!  It was only going to be for 30 days and here I am, 7 days in and down 10 pounds!

Starting My Weight Loss Journey

I started my weight loss journey on Tuesday, July 10.  It also happens to be my niece’s birthday.  I had joined the coffee team on Friday night, July 6 and my coffee arrived on Monday in the mail.  Tuesday morning, I woke up got ready like normal and then went to mix my protein shake.  I am currently drinking a strawberry flavored one, in case you were interested.  After I poured in my almond milk, I put in my scoop of protein.  Then I (drum roll please) opened my canister of coffee.

The Grounds are Powder!

This was a huge factor for me as not only do I not care for the taste of coffee, but I also cannot stand the grit.  I was talked into a mocha latte ice cream treat once.  It ended in the garbage as they had sprinkled coffee grounds on top of the ice cream!  But what is fantastic about this coffee is the fine powder it is.  It blends so amazingly well.  I knew drinking it as a straight up coffee was going to be my biggest issue.  Blending it with my protein shake every morning is what works best for me.  This coffee is so versatile!

Day 1 – Choking It Down

To be honest, it wasn’t hard at all!  It blended so well, I was pleasantly excited.  I thought that maybe I finally found something that would work, but time would tell.  Now I start my days early during the week as I get ready to drive 25 miles (30-45 minutes on a good day) to my J.O.B. – Just Over Broke.  I wake up at 4:20 am, head to the shower and just get a jump on the day.  Mainly because I cherish sleep and my nights can tend to have me fixed to my laptop writing pages like this till 10 or so.  That means I get less than 8 hours of sleep every night.  I need my sleep though.

Eat All Day – Can You Relate?

Okay, so I drink my protein shake at about 5:30 or so.  At 6 am I am heading out the door for work.  I open the office and usually have about 45 minutes before anyone else arrives so I am hopping right into everything.  Typically at about 8 am, sometimes earlier, I will microwave 2 scrambled eggs and have them with cheese and pistachios.  I would actually continue to munch on the pistachios up until my lunch at 11:30.

My lunch was usually leftovers or a sandwich, fruit, small bag of popcorn.  Then mid-afternoon, I will reach for more pistachios.  Get home around 5 pm and while the dogs would be eating, grab a handful of whatever was quick.  If it is gym night, we spend about an hour at the gym and get home in time for the training calls.  If no gym, then I am needing to chow on Carbs.  Drink a high protein shake and then figure out supper.  By 9 pm I finish supper, but still be snack-hungry.

This is when my day was a normal stress-level day.  If there were meetings, difficult customers or management is nagging me for something, I will tend to just always have my hand in my snack drawer.

Hold the (Coffee) Presses!

My first day wasn’t at all like the above!  In fact, I didn’t eat the eggs, cheese and pistachios.  I made it till lunch.  Couldn’t finish the popcorn, shoved it in my drawer.  Got home – not a gym night, but I have no hunger pangs for any food, just water!  I actually felt thirsty versus hungry all day!  So I decided to really test myself on the coffee.  I decided to try the coffee hot, but I chicken out and mix it with Chai Tea.  Note to self, Chai Tea has 25 grams of sugar.

Dinner was something normal, but my normal serving size ended up being too much food!  I couldn’t finish what was on my plate.  Didn’t feel overstuffed, but more like lost interest in eating.  Weird for me!  Got on with my night with the training call, kept drinking water, had a glass of red wine.  I head to bed my normal time, but…yeah, couldn’t fall asleep.  Lesson learned!  Go back to 1 cup a day.

Feeling Amazing!

The next morning, I actually didn’t feel exhaustion so I must have fallen asleep some of the time.  I had a repeat of Day 1 for food.  Stepping onto the scale the morning of Day 3 just to see because of all the past programs I have given an attempt at, I never saw results quickly.  Hold the Presses again!  I lost 2 pounds!  I laugh and figure we will see what tomorrow brings. Morning of Day 4 says I lost another 2 pounds!  Maybe there is something to this “diet coffee”.

On the morning of Day 8, July 17, I have been consistent with drinking my protein shake with the coffee in it.  The scale is now my new best friend.  It says I am 10 pounds lighter!  Seriously?  7 days of drinking this coffee and down 10 pounds?  I am a true believer of this coffee.  I celebrate my successful start on the weight loss journey and the coffee with 2 glasses of wine!  After all it is Wine Wednesday too.

New Commitment and Confidence

After a week of success I have become more self-confident and have full commitment to keep going.  My little container of coffee will get me 30 days worth of drinks.  My goal is to be down 25 pounds by August 10.  Stay tuned for more posts to my weight loss journey!  I may even post pictures of myself before and after!

>>Check in with me here to see my Week 2 & 3 Updates!<<

UPDATE! June 24, 2020

Fantastic morning everyone! Ok so a quick update on how my journey is going. First, because of this overall opportunity I am in I retired from my Full-time job on May 29, 2020. We have been in the midst of quarantine but since my employer is deemed as essential, I did not miss a day of work that whole time.

Stress levels at the job have been extremely high. In fact, last year at this time my one and only inside sales co-worker quit. I was now doing both our positions and the entire world for inside sales. It was also a record booking year for the company in that the time span I was on my own, June thru October, I was processing orders in highest value and quantity. I was so stressed out, the weight came back on me, I wasn’t consistent on taking the product. Now during the quarantine, the gym was no longer an option for a stress relief outlet.

Okay so now I am in week 4 of being home. And I am finding my routine that best fits what I want and need to accomplish. You see, not only am I no longer dealing with the daily stress of the job, but we are moving. And not just across town or even the state. We are moving across country. However I am placing myself at a higher tier of priority. I am back on drinking the cocoa every morning, eating healthier and here it is Wednesday and I am down 5 pounds from Sunday.

If you can relate to what I have gone through, am going through, you need to try these products! What have you got to lose?

Ready to Try?

weight loss journey
weight loss journey

You may not be ready to give this coffee a try.  Why not?  What have you got to lose other than a few pounds?  I am here to cheer you on and would love to follow your weight loss journey.  For less than $2/day for 30 days you are worth it.  Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself.  Set goals too.  If you know others who will love this product as much as I am, why not turn this into an income making opportunity as well.  Check out the details here.

If coffee truly isn’t your thing, then read on about some of the other products this company has to offer you.  They even have something for your Pups of all ages!  Just check this out here.