Staying Healthy During Quarantine – New Perk!

staying healthy during quarantine

As we are all looking for ways to staying healthy during quarantine, vegging on the couch seems easier. And since many are choosing delivery of their groceries and other needs, they are reducing steps, literally. Whether you are looking to dispose of the “Quarantine Fifteen” or looking to increase energy and reduce appetite, we have found a fantastic new product that will do the job.

Watch here about our newest Weight loss product that when you consume with our Diet Coffee, gives your body a One-Two Punch!

Isn’t this amazing? If you are already consuming the Diet Coffee, you can Perk it up with the new Thermo Perk! People are already seeing results in under a week! I know I am! I added this to my current regimen of nutritional supplements. My immediate result was no cravings in the mid morning. As someone who gets comfort from eating food, this is a huge plus for me. You need to try it yourself!

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Staying Healthy During Quarantine – How Thermo Perk helps

So just how does Thermo Perk help you with staying healthy during quarantine? It give your metabolism an extra boost to stay active, whether that is while indoors or enjoying Mother nature. The extra energy encourages you just to move more which in turn increases the calories burned each date.

Another way it helps is with the cravings. Bored people tend to reach for more sugary and salty snacks which negatively affects your health. By ending the cravings we all suffer from, we can eliminate those pesky Quarantine 15 (pounds).

Finally, Thermo Perk is designed especially for those wanting to boost their weightloss efforts, giving an extra kick to metabolize fats even faster. Meanwhile the benefits of being more active as we work from home or school our children, we are less sedentary. It is proven that less sedentary people are more healthy and able to stave off illnesses.

For Best Results on Staying Healthy During Quarantine

Valentus recommends that those wishing for the best results, take Thermo Perk 20 – 30 minutes prior to consuming the Thermo Roast Coffee. Now there is a whole line of Thermo products, including Cocoa for those of us who are not fond of coffee.

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