Payout Flow For Tipping Circle & PGC

This is the Payout Flow when converting your monthly hub payout until the automatic system is launched. These are your only options to convert your payout for your PGC Hotspot which appear in your Tipping Circle account.

Please note, No exceptions. In as much as we are in a very unique opportunity that is not for anyone outside RRR247, this is also time sensitive. It will not always be in active mode for new hotspots you are ordering.

Future Payouts will occur within 10-15 days from the 15th of each Month for hotspots ordered prior to the 1st of the month.  Example: Purchased a hotspot on Feb 2, payout will happen March 15-30.

Payouts will be visible in your Tipping Circle Account only.  You must have a Tipping Circle Account. No Exceptions.

Points received from the hotspots: 1 pt = $1.

Other points your are receiving in your Tipping Circle account may NOT have a dollar value and cannot be converted.

We no longer will use the Tipping Circle Support Ticket for payment requests!

Please go to the PRIME GATE CITY SKYPE CHAT to get the form!!

Any and All tickets submitted via Tipping Circle after Sept 15, 2020 will be voided.

Questions? Email Stacy at

Step by Step for Payout Flow

We now have a Google Form that will be posted ONLY on the Prime Gate City Skype chat on the 15th of each month.

You will have until the last day of the month to complete that form. Example: November 15, new form released. Effective until November 30. Any other requests will need to wait until December 15 for the new form. We need to have this separation for Accounting purposes.

When the new form is posted, click and open it – you will only be allowed a single submission – DO NOT RUSH. There is no “Re-Do”.

The form and how to complete it:

These are the first 2 areas that need to be completed are shown above. Please use your email that you have for your Paypal or Zelle. Please put in YOUR actual name. Do not use a spouse’s name. Must be active in RRR247.

Choosing the month or months:

When marking the boxes, mark ONLY the ones that you have Not requested previously. These are NOT based on whether you received payment on the month. Moreover, payments are currently behind schedule and are being worked on to get caught up.

Payout Flow Payment Preference:

payout flow

Select your payment method. If you choose Paypal, there may be fees that will reduce your amount you receive. Zelle is an option up to a maximum of $5000 – If your monthly payment is LESS than that and your bank supports this application, choose Zelle. For the time being, we do not expect payments to be lumped together. If your monthly payment is over $5000, please choose wire. Again, do NOT choose Wire if your MONTHLY hub payment is typically less than $5000.

Requested Payout Flow amount

payout flow

The dollar amount should be the monthly amount you expect multiplied by the number of months. You do need to keep in mind that the value is also based on the number of hubs and each hubs value ($50 or $100 each).

Splitting payments

If you should choose to split your payments so some stay as Gold backed coin and some comes to you in Paypal/Zelle/Wire, you need to note the amounts here. You also need to keep track of this as this is your business.

Confirm Your Email

If you are selecting Paypal or Zelle, please re-enter your email here.

STOP! Wire Payout Flow Info Only

If you are using Paypal or Zelle – Do NOT go further in completing this form, just submit it. However, if you are one of the FEW whose monthly payment is normally over $5000, you need to select Wire payment to save on the Paypal fees. Zelle will not permit us to do payments over $5000. Please fill out all information on the rest of the form.

Wire Info

payout flow

The information requested is necessary in order for an electronic transfer/Wire Transfer to occur. However, if you do not know all this information, you must contact your bank to receive it.

Final Payout Flow Comments

Note: You do not have to do anything immediately. Additionally, you can leave your points in Tipping Circle.  They do not disappear unless used.

All requests will have action within 15 days from request submission. However, to repeat, have your monthly submission complete between the 15th and the final day of the month.

If you are seeking an update to payout flow requests, watch the Prime Gate City (Helium) Skype chat for updates. As most everyone knows because they have been reading the chat, payments are currently several months behind. In addition, Rory, Peter and I are working with Accounting to expedite the action of payments. We have been advised they will be making efforts to catch up.

One last note, if you are having issues with your physical hub – please see these two pages for assistance IOT Help & Hotspot Troubleshooting