Paid to Game

A teenager’s dream is getting paid to game. And now they can! Seriously, our CSPN Crypto Sports Network makes it all simple. Just go here and sign up for free. Take advantage of those talents and let your kids of all ages get paid to game.

paid to game

Living in today’s world where everyone is vying for attention as well as sharing technology is becoming worth more than you realize. No longer do you need to take your kids to the nearest game store or big box store, they can download their games from their rooms.

Forget those Gaming Systems that Change every year.

And now the new PS5 is out for everyone to spend tons of money on. You want to stop having to invest in new game systems that you seemingly have to replace every year. Forget the dust collecting on those and having to trade in games that no longer work because the platform is changing. At our CSPN network there a so many games and new ones coming that your kids will keep their attention for hours.

See the rewards on screen and in your pocketbook!

Isn’t it time that you be seeing rewards not just for your abilities in games, but also for your time? This is absolutely for you, and here is your invitation to join us:

  1. SIGN UP: Simply Join the Network, create your unique Gamer Profile, and then start to connect with other gamers and clans.
  2. PLAY MATCHES: Meet new people and see how you measure up with your skills against other gamers around the globe in your favorite games.
  3. GAIN EXPERIENCE: We call these CSPN Ladders. They will help you keep track of your progress and assist you a you strive to reach for the Top!
  4. EARN CRYPTO: The best part! Get paid to Game. Simply, put Stakes (or yes, place a wager) on a match and earn CSPN through playing. Because what is more fun than earning something more than just points?

This is not something new! Recently, our 2 adult sons are simply downloading new games. They love to improve their hand-eye coordination, as well. What’s more, as I learn more about what we can offer with our system, I gain time with our sons. Best of all we can get paid to play.

With one of our sons living in a different state, competition continues. We can play matches and continue to out do the other person. In addition, expanding our network is easy too. We just invite our friends to join in. We also play against those we haven’t met to keep our challenges moving upward.

If you think Paid to Game is cool, keep reading:

Alright so getting paid to game is a pretty neat invention, but did you know we have Free TV? Additionalyy our Paid to Chat Section will help you and your family to not only stay in touch but encourage them to do it frequently. Now don’t forget about one of the best ways to exchange money or just pay that allowance. TippingCircle is not just growing but it is an established and stable means of doing so. Be sure to check out all the details. We have thought of it all!