Get Paid to Chat Online

We have an amazing new opportunity to get paid to chat online. We all know at least a few people who seem to be glued to their phones all the time. Especially in this time where this virus has us quarantining in our homes. Our children are missing out on socializing with their friends because of this “pandemic”. Why not make your children’s day better and let them chat with their friends on their phones using this app? They chat, you get paid to let them chat online.

Get Paid to Chat in 3 easy steps

While many chat apps seem complicating and hard to get into. We make it simple with just 3 easy steps.

paid to chat

Step 1: Getting Started

So let’s start with clicking this link. First of all let me mention that a new tab will open so you can easily refer back to this page for the next steps. Now when the window opens, simply click on the big Orange “Download Now”. It will take you directly to the App Store so you can download the app absolutely free!

Step 2: Start Chatting & Get Paid

Ok whew, I know that was so stressful to do. HEHE. Alright so now the next step is to install the Prime One Chat App and jump in! Who will you chat with first?

Step 3: The Pay: Refer Friends+Chat = Get Paid to Chat

We know it seems so crazy to do this, but we need to tell you….There are NO LIMITS! Add as many as you want. Chat with as many as you can. And the best part, you have unlimited potential for pay in our revenue sharing program! Keep extending the invite, grow your social circle. Break up the monotony and boredom in your home – chat with your kids while they are on the live Zoom with their teacher! It will keep them awake!

get paid to chat

And while we know this is a first of its kind and is at the initial level of development, there is lots of room for growth. Which means there is a means for income for you right from your home! It is the Only App that actually works as we say it does. And since this app is free, those who do not have the means to chat can do so because it is free!

As your social community expands with new friends and family joining all because you are choosing to share. Parents – you never dreamed you would encourage your kids to chat with more friends. Make their actions pay for that cell phone bill! What are you waiting for? Download the app now!

Now we know that you parents would never ever encourage your kids to chat more with friends. However socially distancing them from their friends is probably driving you nuts right now. Why not let them chat with friends and you get paid to chat as well!

As with other apps for our phones, we are continuously growing and developing new versions and will keep you in the know.

Your security is important.

With all that is happening in the world with security, we want you to know you and your family and friends are our number one priority. Very simply the designers’ goal is to protect you.

The designers have this all ready for us. The communication is so secure with end-to-end encryption which basically eliminates snooping. Just so you are aware, there are 3 levels of encryption to not only authenticate the calls and messages exchanging between people but also to keep it confidential.

There is no means for collecting data. It is only on your own device. That also means your personal information is guarded. There are no servers in use. Oh and those pictures that other apps allow to be hacked into and spread over the worldwide web? This app prevents all that. The information, again, is only on your device.

Additionally you will be easily able to stream across devices. Ensuring all data and communications are only seen between you and the person you want it to be seen by.

Let’s Break down the Usage Benefits Shall We:

  • Uninterrupted Calls: You always stay connected. Additionally the High Definition quality of audio and video calls will allow for you and your callers to have full clarity through the whole conversation.
  • Internet Speed Not a Factor: Never worry again about your Wi-Fi being crowded no matter if it’s Cyber Monday or the kids are Distance Learning. The technology we have is smarter than the smart technology.
  • Low Data Usage. Just no other way to say – You Save Money. The technology is so smart that you will consume up to 6 times (that is 600% less) less data than you would with any other messengers app. (Its like we have the best chat program, the smartest, and the least resource consuming program. Because of this, it is Greener than Green and ready for Worldwide Use!)
  • Fastest Messaging (on earth). So sit back, send the messages, do voice recordings and video messages. Furthermore, have the ability to share photos, videos or any other files (for that matter) instantly. And of course with our Green and Smart technology, the resource usage is the least of any other program currently available.

This is Beyond Private. Serverless Communication. Because if it resides on a Server (anywhere) it is not Private is it? NOPE. This is an entirely serverless solution. Nothing holding or storing. Nothing waiting for the next genius hacker to enter into.

Here is where they take privacy to another level. Keeping Communication history is never on any servers except your own device. Additionally the fully encrypted messaging app leaves no traces on the Internet whatsoever.

HD Voice And Video Calls (Get Paid to Chat – Get Paid for Video Calls!)

get paid to chat

Prefer to do video calls? We can do that!! The unbelievable clarity with the voice AND video, that you will just need to see for yourself! Remember this has HD Voice, plus AI (get used to seeing that acronym – Artificial Intelligence) which is working in the background and continuously working to recover any lost voice and video data. Which results in a smoother communication flow. It just happens without any worry or actions on your end.

Fast Messaging and Private Groups (And you Receive Income! Use this to Start. Again, what are you waiting for?)

There really is no drawback with using this app. Unless that is, you don’t like getting money for your actions. Not only can you instantly send and share other text messages, pictures (all formats), videos, and voice, but create private group chats too! This app and the designers understand the important stuff – keeping you in touch with family and friends, as well as no worries of hacking or leaking of information.

What are you waiting for?

Go here to start now! Be as happy as we are, getting pay for chatting – it’s crazy, but Oh so FUN! Sign up today!

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