I am an Online Marketer

Being an online marketer has been one of the greatest rewards for me personally. When you find something you love it never seems like work, but the greatest reward is my time freedom. However, the money helps too. The internet is growing in online marketers, but there is a definite uprising by one specific group, RRR247. We work as a community, a family. We strive for each other’s success.

Why is Marketing Important?

Marketing is the way of the world for getting products and services into people’s hands. Think of the Superbowl or Final Four Games, many high visibility companies are producing their best work for those events. The commercials are not a “one and done” either. They get played over and over, so many times that little ones can easily repeat it word for word. Moreover, we remember the product. Think about what commercial sticks in the forefront of your memories. Why is it you remember it? Variety of reasons I am sure, but I know you are thinking of them now.

We do the same thing as online marketers, we put out a variety of ads, both written and video, letting you know what they can find on our sites. Here with Performance Blogging, we are unique in that we do not have a single product line, we have something for everyone and we are always adding new things. It can seem like a one-stop shop or shopping mall. We want people to window shop, bookmark us and come back again and again.

What are the Freedoms and Perks of an Online Marketer?

Owning my own time – I get to set my schedule. And I cannot complain about the hours, because I am the one who set them. I can work as much or as little as I want. Love that it doesn’t seem like work, it’s fun showing others how to do what I do. I can put my family as a priority.

Money – Hey, I won’t lie, the money is nice once we get it going. It sure beats working a salaried job where the boss controls my income. Getting paid by the action is very sweet. There are multiple streams of income with what we do here.

Travel – Yep, even though I work from home, We actually physically get together! We are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. Also as long as I have internet, I can work my business. Getting work-cations are pretty nice too. Work in the morning, play in the evenings.

How to Become an Online Marketer

online marketer

Ready to come have some fun with us? We would love for you to come join in! Just complete the form here and let’s set up a time to get you going. We have a true system that as long as you remain teachable, follow your instructors guidance and stay committed, you will succeed and GROW.

Why You Should Come Have fun

Don’t you deserve to own your own time? Think of all the events you are missing with your kids and their activities. Or perhaps you are like me initially and are looking for some supplemental income. 5 years ago I was just looking for a way to expand our budget. Never in my dreams did I feel I could truly find something that would allow me to do this full-time. Until that is when Rory Ricord told me he believed in me, I just needed to follow his system. And when I started to believe in myself, it happened.

The products and services we have are incredible. Absolutely love having the freedom to express myself with the products. Additionally I truly enjoy when we get to add new products. Have you taken a tour of my site? Just pick a category on the left side and browse. Here is one of my favorites!

The bonuses of travel is a definite reality for me. I have personally earned and travelled to our 3 most recent Leadership Retreats in Punta Cana (2020), Destin, FL (2021), and most recently Waikiki, Hawaii (2022). Where are we going next come find out and come with me. I have also gotten to go to Dallas, Napa, Orlando, Miami, and Utah, all because I made that decision to jump in and take control and stay committed to my dreams for an amazing lifestyle.