Mom’s Famous Homemade Burritos


When it comes to homemade recipes, Mom’s famous homemade burritos is the most requested from my sons. There really is nothing special to them, maybe its the love I give the filling. Or perhaps it IS a special ingredient that is common for me, but not for them. In any case, Mom’s Famous Homemade Burritos are the best. Why? Because I am Mom.

Monday Morning Message

Today is a Monday. I am at my office getting work done when I get a text from our son, Kyle. Now when I get a text during the work day from him, it is usually a stop everything kind of emergency. You see, while we are in the frigid north of Minnesota, he lives in the beautiful south of South Carolina where he is forced to view the ocean daily. He is a single, 25 year old who works for the city. in the Outdoors. Do I seem bitter? No not really. Oh who am I kidding?! Of COURSE I am!

Anyway, I digress. I glanced at my cellphone to see what is the emergency today that he didn’t call me about last night. This is what I saw:

homemade burritos

Brought a smile to my face! I have him looking here! HERE! On my blog site for recipes! If you have seen any of my other recipes, they are pretty much requests from him. He had called some months ago asking how to hard boil eggs, thus I created a page on how to cook hard-boiled eggs perfectly. Looking for quick grab and go lunch idea? You will want to check out my SPAMBurger recipe.

Mom’s Famous Homemade Burritos Recipe

Now while I gave part of my recipe to the kid this morning, I realize you have never tasted my recipe and probably want more specifics for making it.

Depending on what I want for leftovers determines the amount of hamburger. I usually start with 1.5 pounds of at least 80-90% lean hamburger. Get it all browned with just a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled with it. Once browned I open a taco or burrito seasoning packet. I personally prefer the Ortega Burrito seasoning mix, but our grocery stores stopped carrying it. If I see it anywhere, I will usually grab several packets.

It’s All in the Seasonings

I have also used the following brands of seasonings:

  • Lawry’s Taco Seasoning
  • Aldi’s Burrito or Taco Seasoning
  • Hy-Vee Taco Seasoning

Time to build the Muscles

When the boys were little or had friends over, if they saw me opening the can of Traditional Refried Beans we called them Muscle Beans. Kyle had one friend, Mitchell who regularly ate at our home. He was a pretty picky eater but for some reason always ate what I served. He loved my chili, but would definitely preferred the burritos. His grandma of Mexican descent cornered me one day wanting to know what I did that was so special with my burritos and chili. It was simple: No Chunks of Tomatoes. Now almost 20 years later we still giggle about Mitch’s eating preferences.

Things get a bit cheesy

After I stir in the seasoning and refried beans with the browned hamburger, I like to put in about a small handful of Taco Cheese. I do have brand preferences here, but you can also put in Cheddar or Colby cheese. My preferred brand is Sargento Nacho & Taco. I guess if I had to measure how much I sprinkle in, I would guess 1/3 cup. I let this simmer for about 10 minutes or so.

Time to let the Flavors blend – So Open a Bottle of Wine!

While all these flavors are blending together simmering in the skillet I like to choose the bottle of wine I am going to serve with it. One of my favorites is a wine from our Lazy Lab Collection in our wine club. These are versatile wines that allow you to have fun experimenting with the flavors and aromas to the food you are pairing it with.

The wine I like most with this meal is one that is most notably Bold & Beautiful. I love the wines especially that are from California and aged in a bourbon barrel. One of the hottest trends in winemaking is being done with this wine! Aging occurs in barrels that have been used in the making of bourbon whiskey. This process is called cross aging. Speaking of cross aging, our lab mix, Annie is quite partial of this process as well.

homemade burritos

Some of the amazing aromas starts with baked cherry pie. Now close your eyes and imagine vanilla, caramel, brown sugar and baking spices. It is almost like a dessert as it follows the flavors in the homemade burritos. Now these irresistible flavors follow right on to your palate with black currant, soft tannins and that seamless finish. You’ll be enjoying a glass all by itself after your meal is over.

Calling Everyone to the Table

The filling has simmered and is now ready to fill the tortillas. If you use the Mission Brand or Aldi’s Brand burrito-size tortillas, these are my favorite because they remain flexible and easy to fold into homemade burritos without tearing or cracking.

To fill the tortillas, I estimate 8 burritos to 1 lb of burger and try for 12 burritos each time. I like to heat the tortillas up 3 at a time in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds, then flip them over and heat again 10-15 seconds. Then using a larger spoon, I scoop enough filling (about 1/4-1/3 C.) on to one “edge” of the tortilla. I then take that edge and fold it over the meat mixture to just meet the tortilla again. Fold in the sides next and then do a roll/flip to get the tortilla to hold the filling without spilling out.

Because I like to serve us as a family, I place the homemade burritos on a cookie sheet as I get them made, then heat in a 350-400 degree oven for 5-7 minutes. Any longer and the tortilla gets crunchy. We like to serve our burritos with Ortega brand taco sauce, sour cream and shredded cheese.

Optional Ingredient

Another variation of my homemade burritos is cooking up the Lime Cilantro Rice from Zataran’s. This is the closest “box” rice I have come across that tastes like Chipotle’s rice. I will get more burritos when I add the rice on top of the filling as I am wrapping them up. I do not mix the rice in with the filling. The separate flavors blend while eating.

Family Time

One reason I like to serve our food at a single time is to encourage us to come together as a family. We give thanks for our food, fill our plates, gather in the same room and talk about our day. Family time is a priority especially when children are in school. Life these days can be so hard and as the kids get older and become teens they may not want to share as much. Especially with mom & dad. Start young with including your kids into your conversations. Give them your true ear for listening to what they have to say. It may not be anything earth-shattering to you, but to them it could mean everything. Just Food for Thought. Oh and THAT’s My secret ingredient – Family.

Thank you for checking out my page. If you are interested in learning more about our wines, please go here.