Men’s Health – Opening the Door on Erectile Dysfunction

Men’s health & erectile dysfunction, a door is opening for options other than a little blue pill. Medical device for use at home is now here.

Men have this issue, it’s been around for years and its been kept behind closed doors for years, suffering privately. It isn’t likely they will bring it up in conversation with other men as it feels like something they should be ashamed of. What is worse is that most health insurances do not cover any of costs for the current supplements and pills, including the famous blue pill.

Men’s Health: The Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

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Before we proceed with what we now offer here on our site, let’s discuss the causes of erectile dysfunction that affect men’s health. There is not a lot of discussion out there in common conversations about even prevention. But did you know that the primary cause is loss of blood flow in the vessels themselves? Me either! Now, there are other less common causes such as prostate health, but for this moment, we are looking at the primary cause.

When looking for treatment we want to encourage everyone to first and foremost is to seek out information and confirmation from your physician. We are not medical experts. We are simply marketing an amazing new medical device that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

Loss of Blood Flow – Plaque Disrupts Our Body

It’s true, plaque interrupts our blood flow and clogs our arteries and blood vessels. Most of the time we hear about it affecting our heart and having surgical procedures to correct the blockages. In fact, just last week one of my uncles is having another triple bypass on his heart. But when it comes to a man’s penis, surgery becomes more sensitive to talk about both privately and publicly. What is curious to note is that even WebMD states that if you have ED, it may signify the arteries in your heart may, in fact, be clogged.

Plaque is the culprit and it needs to be broken up for the body to absorb and re-open the blood flow. While conventional pill forms are the most popular, they are more a placebo effect and is not truly helping to correct this issue. Not to mention the nasty side-effects that can come when taking them. Even worse is that they truly do not treat the root cause!

The other aspect is the prevention of the plaque building up in the vessels to begin with. We all know that proper diets and nutrition is crucial but sometimes that comes later in life to become a reality. Therefore, truly preventing such a situation is difficult. I mean, have you ever tried telling a teenager what they should and shouldn’t do? So we get it.

Medical Device to Improve Men’s Health is FDA-Recognized

We now have a solution just for these men who are looking for a true treatment using a medical device without ingesting anything or experiencing pain. What we have is based on acoustic wave therapy or sometimes referenced as sound wave therapy, and even shockwave therapy. Similar treatments in other areas of the body are already out there for use in the home and doctor’s office. What is even better is that this therapy is recognized by the FDA as a true and proven therapy to improve the blood flow. Which in turns assists in the treatment of erectile dysfunction because it is breaking up the plaque. It does this by the use of the sound waves.

Acoustic wave therapy

What is Acoustic Wave therapy and is it safe? Simply speaking acoustic wave therapy is taking the creation of energy using a device and directing it in a way to cause a disturbance in the area directed. In this case the acoustic wave therapy disturbs the plaque in the blood vessels in the penis. It then causes the plaque to break up into particles that are then passing through the tissue. Commonly referring to it as microtrauma and it then triggers the growth of new and healthy blood vessels. In turn, it then allows the penis to become stronger. Thus allowing for positive results that allows the man to overcome the effects of erectile dysfunction, basically allowing for erections to occur naturally as they are need to be.

Mentally it affects the men by boosting their self esteem because they are seeing the restoration of their manhood.

Introducing The Phoenix – Improving Men’s Health

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This is a legitimate technology the FDA recognizes. This is after hundreds of peers gave their reviews of the medical studies, is proven to be safe and effective in treating erectile dysfunction. At that same time it is allowing men around the globe to use it privately in their own homes.

It is also a cost-effective when you compare it to the prescriptions that may or may not work. Worse yet, the nasty side affects that may come with taking the pills. Then there are the shots, again need doctor prescription, have to go in to the doctor to have the injection. But seriously, a needle should have no business being inserted into this part of your body guys! The common cold knocks you down for the count, typically. Just kidding.

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Improving Relationships

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