McDonalds Better Burger Plus Weightloss

When you hear about McDonalds Better Burger you are probably like me and hoping for a truly “Better Burger”. We all know that McDonalds and Healthy are really not close or on the same planet. We have heard about the engineered food that is “McDonalds”. I think we have all seen the plastic that is inside a chicken nugget from McDonalds. Yeah, and people still eat this.

However, when it comes to the “Better Burger” as released in an Article meant to hype their stock (in our opinion) it is apparent that the only thing “Better” is the profits forecasted for the Shareholders. It is not a “Better Burger” by ingredient only by how it will be cooked going forward in 2023. Better heat distribution so they can melt the cheese better. At least that is what we got out of the hyped article. See the Article Here.

Ready for the Magic with McDonalds and Weightloss:

Realizing that McDonalds and Healthy Foods is not really a good statement; there is a way we have seen where Weightloss while eating McDonalds food is happening. This is a huge Science-Created phenomenon and you are about to see it all here. And while we are pointing out that even with what we consider to be “Unhealthy Foods” you can lose those unwanted pounds and inches if you have the right supplements. In fact, eat the foods you love and crave and lose the weight. You just need the Secret Finds we have. Keep Reading, after we shock you with more facts around the happenings of McDonalds we will share those Secrets Below.

McDonalds Better Burger

Have you heard about Chef Jamie Oliver and his on-air presentation that McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for Human Consumption”:

Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver had this Shocking presentation about the way McDonalds meat was created for their burgers. As a Result of this Presentation, and after it was specifically shown how McDonald’s hamburgers were made; the franchise finally announced it would change its ways in 2011. See Article Here. Apparently that was the case, and who knows how horrible the truth really was. They changed, so something was “Accurate”. There is nothing that tastes as great as “PURE Ground Chuck” in my opinion. From the Butcher, mixed together with a binder (eggs) and seasoning. Some A-1 or BBQ sauce to juice it up. And Whalla, now it needs a great Wine to go with it! We found something (SEE IT HERE).

Weightloss Secret that helps you lose and keep off the Weight. Even if you eat at McDonalds:

There is a Bio-Hacking Solution that we have been using for over 2 years now. It not only allows for us to lose the weight, but to keep it off. Regardless of where and what we eat really. No crazy diets or exercises. Imagine eating what and when you want, but being able to slim down. That is what we are talking about. Here are some benefits, and how to find these incredible products:

  • Be able to Sleep Better. Number One Solution we have found with this Secret is Better Sleep. And with that comes a side effect that Restores while utilizing and helping to reduce your Unwanted Fat Inches. Better Sleep, better restoration, and better weight management. Bad Sleep is a huge cause for health issues by itself. Fix that, and watch what gets fixed in your health and weight.
  • Increase your Energy and Burn Fat throughout the day. Adding this “PLOS” product you can see and feel increased energy and Thermogetic Delight as your body is given help to process those Stored Fat. As a Result you can see the loss of “Unwanted Fat Inches and Pounds”.
  • Increase your Brain and how it Functions. There is an increase in success with all things health when you have a healthy brain. And we have the “BRAN” product to do just that. Come see what Brain Health is like with this Secret in Brain Food!

Also, see what we have found for better Skin, Hair, Nails and Libido. See the details here.