Make Churros at Home – It’s Easy!

A simple fair food, churros you make at home. With this kit, it is like a fiesta in a box! Once you try these churros you will become a food critic and no other you try will taste as yummy! Thank you for coming by today. We are very excited to bring you this new yummy dessert you can make at home.

make churros at home

Better than Churros at the Fair – Make them at Home!

Summer-time means fair food. Just thinking about walking down the different streets at the fair, the various aromas filling the air. Because everything is fried and on a stick. As you walk by the Funnel Cakes booth, you see he now has churros. Oh yum! It’s time to give them a try! You think they are amazing, despite not being as crispy as you thought they would be. Obviously not the freshest batch. What would it be like to make them at home, fresh from being pulled out of the hot oil. Then fill with your own choice of fillings like nutella, dulce de leche, and sweet cream. And of course, they must have the sugar and cinnamon on the outside!

Now you CAN make Churros at Home!

YES, now you can make yummy fresh fun at home! Make churros at home with our kit and make it a family night. Perhaps, you have a birthday party coming up, make a variety of filled churros for your guest to enjoy. With this simple and reusable kit, you can turn a movie night into a fantastic family night! Having some friends over to just hang out and socialize? In addition, make it more fun, spice it up with four incredible blends of sugar too. How spicy are you looking for? Check out all the flavors and mix it up.

Quick Fun Entertaining Ideas (or just an excuse to stay at home)

Get the Kids to Help!

Ok setting the scene….It’s raining outside, the kids are restless and of course, all you hear is “there’s nothing to do”. OK Mom and Dad, roll up the sleeves and clear off the counters. Our kit comes ready for a rainy day (or snow day) to brighten the mood and create amazing memories!

Depending on which kit you choose, simply open the box and set out all the items. So preparing your own dough? Awesome! There is a recipe you can follow and really get the kids’ moods brightening up. Be sure to have some fun aprons for them to wear too because kids love “helping”! Now let’s get the dough together and ready for the hot oil. Be sure to use safety and keep the kids away from the splattering oil. But, let the kids do their own fillings and coatings!

Perhaps you are not into making the dough yourself, no worries you can order that with your kit too. As a matter of fact, you can re-order all of the items that come in your kit individually too!

Slumber Party Snacks

What better way than to sugar up the kids so that they can stay up all night? Make the churros at home ahead of time and bring them out to get the chatter going or during the movie marathon. Your child’s party will be memory making at it’s best!

Adults love Churros too!

It’s a great finger food that you can get creative with the fillings and even use the optional spicier sugar coatings. Nothing pairs better than adults with a beverage in one hand and a churro in the other. I found one amazing pairing with our amazing Discoveries Pinot Noir wine from our Wine Club. Check it out here!