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As with many people today finding keto friendly wines, much less any type of adult beverage that is keto friendly, the choices are not well marked. The purpose of the keto diet is that you need to avoid all beverages and foods with the higher amounts of sugar. With that in mind we tend to think that wines contain too much sugar for it to be okay for the Keto people.

Currently wine producers are not required to list nutritional information, including sugar content, on the labels of the bottles. That makes it even harder for anyone to know the carbs or even how much sugar are in the vast variety of wines. However there are some general guidelines you can follow so you can go back to or even continue to enjoy your wines.

Keeping track on Keto Friendly Wines

Let’s bring it back to some basics. While we understand that wine is created by letting yeast “eat” the sugar in grape juice and become alcohol. So during this process the more sugar the yeast changes over, there is going to be a higher content of alcohol. Thus less sugar will remain as well – called residual sugar.

As with everything moderation is crucial to our healthier lifestyles. But take note as some wines are amazing even with minimal grams of residual sugar.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Keto Friendly Wines

How about some extremely basic hints to help you determine which wines you will choose to match up with your lifestyle? Remember, everything in moderation.

  • NO: White and Rosé wines. Typically higher sugar levels. Balances the natural acidity with the sweetness.
  • YES: European wines are generally drier, which means less residual sugar. We recommend tasting these varietals: Chianti, Rioja, Nebbiolo, and European Bordeaux. Additionally these varietals contain Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (always great tasting!).
  • YES: Higher levels of alcohol. Varietals to try: Shiraz/Syrah, Grenache, and Zinfandel (NOT THE WHITE ZINS!).  These grapes lean towards being naturally higher in sugar content than others but the higher levels of alcohol offset.
  • NO: Even though my Midwest friends seem to desire the sweeter wines like Moscato and dessert wines, they will have the higher sugar levels.

Where can I find and try these wines?

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Looking for additional Keto Friendly products?

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Just Remember…No Grizzly attitudes because when it comes to Keto you want to enjoy learning, experimenting and becoming healthier.

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