IoT Hotspot Help Desk-Prime Gate City

Welcome to our IoT Hotspot Help Desk for Prime Gate City. An exclusive patented managing of this network. Our group is the ONLY one like this. If you’ve come here searching for help on your hotspot, the app or for more information, this is where you need to be. But be sure to look for the topic you seek. Remember that knowledge is power and with Prime Gate City, we have a lot of knowledge here! We just don’t have it all in one place yet.

Prime Gate City – IoT Learn More

First, you are wondering just what is IoT, right?  Well here’s a page that will assist you with learning a little bit more.  However, I must warn you though, you may be bitten by the IoT bug and want to buy more than one Hotspot.  Just check out this easy read to start your knowledge to begin expanding.

Now the next thing I must refer you to for additional Hotspot help is the main page that all who are in RRR247 need to read through. It is a page that Rory himself is providing us that will enlighten you to this IoT Mesh Network because we are involving our lives with. It is ever-evolving as well so you want to check back often.

Step 1: Getting Your Hotspot On Order

Ready to get your Hotspot on order? Here’s the connection point. Be sure to follow this link and the instructions for ordering to ensure you get meshed into our specific network known as Prime Gate City.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Hotspot

If you have a physical device in your hands right now, I need you to pay close attention to the steps you need to take to ensure you get yours set up and functioning from the start. If you have already done this and have hit some snags to get it up and running, please see the Troubleshooting section.

First, open the box and ignore the device itself.
Now download the app.
Ready for the next step? Sign in or Create Account

See those 12 words? That is called a Seed Phrase, write them down and keep them in a safe place!

Take out the Hotspot and Plug it in

Make sure you are near a window and have no screens or buildings blocking you. If you need to, get an extension cord, placement can be crucial in some locations.

Within about 5 seconds a yellow/amber light will come on. Stays yellow/amber for about 30 seconds as it boots up. The light will then shut off for about 10 seconds and come back as light green.

This process can take anywhere from 45 -60 seconds to boot all the way up.

Now Let’s Use the App!

Open the app and at the bottom of your phone screen there are 4 “tabs”. Press the Hotspot tab and then click the green Set-up Hotspot button. This walks you through the process of pairing up your hotspot over Bluetooth.

You can be proactive and make sure your phone has both Bluetooth and Location Services enabled in both the phone and app settings. Trouble Pairing? Please go to the Hotspot Troubleshooting – Prime Gate City page for suggestions.

Connect to the Internet

This step can be done 1 of 2 ways – either select the WiFi Network or plug in an Ethernet cable. Both will work.

Issues connecting? Please go to the Hotspot Troubleshooting – Prime Gate City page for suggestions.

New Addition – Getting the Hotspot to the Blockchain

Just follow through the set-up steps on the app. If the internet is properly connected, you will be able to skate through this part. You will see a note about On-Boarding fees. Because we purchase directly through Helium, they waive our $10 fee for us!

Now one little note, if a firmware update is needed, you will see a page in the app stating as such. If nothing there, do not worry about it.

Location, Location, Location

It is all about location. When setting your location, you need to zoom in on the map by pinching your fingers. This may take several tries. Be patient. When you have it where you need it, Confirm Hotspot Location.

This is not an auto-find type of device. You need to dial it in. You won’t be able to earn tokens until done.

All Done!

Now you need to allow up to 72 hours for your Hotspot to be able to fully sync to the blockchain.

For step-by-step visual guidance go to this IoT Hotspot Help: slideshow presentation and follow the steps.

Congratulations on successfully activating your hotspot. Ready to have some fun with it?

Why all the pretty colors? Should I Worry?

Green: Connection to the internet is good and unit is operational.

Yellow: The unit needs attention. The Hotspot needs to be checked to ensure it is online. There may also be ports unavailable – See Ports for information.

White: An OTA (over-the-air programming) is in progress. Do NOT disconnect your Hotspot.

Orange: Booting up. Do not unplug.

Red: Not operating. Call support for assistance.

Blue: Pairing with bluetooth in progress.

Need more help? Please see the Hotspot Troubleshooting page.