Internet of Things Benefits & Does it Affect Me Now?

Learning about the internet of things benefits makes us need to know what IoT is. Firstly to understand IoT we need to look at defining exactly what it is as well as how does it affect me and my family? Is it already interweaved into my life? Again a great opportunity for a discussion.

Internet of Things Benefits

Growing up we saw different shows on television portraying their interpretation of the future. Some showing mini-computers running all the things in the home. It makes a person wonder how many sprockets are involved in making this work.

What is IoT?

While IoT truly does mean an Internet of Things perhaps a better definition would include the “things”. Things getting connected to other things. Your smartwatch connecting with your smartphone. Your Smart Phone connecting to your security system, thermostat, garage door opener, even the sprinkler system!

Even more important to understand is just how long IoT has been around. By just surfing the internet a person can see articles dating back at least 5 years. While there are significant details we could go into, let’s keep this more basic at this point.

Think of IoT as a means in which anything connected to the internet communicates with other things connected to the internet. However, it does not replace WiFi for connecting us humans to the internet. Every day there are more and more devices that having sensors in them to communicate with other things. As with so many things, these devices are becoming less expensive just like broadband internet. They are also becoming more disposable because they become outdated quickly.

Internet of Things is the Next Big Thing In Hollywood

The Internet of Things sounds like a great title to a movie.  But it is so much more than something that appears on the silver screen.  The internet of things is changing the way we live. Our homes, pets, and possessions are fast benefitting as well as changing with this new technology.  Imagine different devices talking to each other. They are interrelated to specifically function this way and when we interject these into our lives we are expanding the way they communicate.  What kinds of devices talk to each other?  

Homes benefit with better temperature control. Our pets with the help of their collars are more quickly found when lost. Even training can be useful with upcoming technology. That Saturday morning lawn watering is more efficiently under control. And you can monitor it all from your smart-phone while completing other must-do chores. Remember Happy Wife = Happy Life!

The Things Who Talk to Each Other

It seems a bit unreal.  Almost like a scene out of the Jetsons where LeRoy gives Rosie the robot a vacuum that she can just communicate with.  Or maybe a phone that Judy can come home from a date and tell the lights in her room to turn on. Or perhaps George has created a watch to tell him when to wake up before his boss catches him snoozing at his desk instead of making sprockets.

Actually this isn’t too far off from what we can do today.  We have Smartphones, Smartwatches, tablets, computers and even more that can communicate with each other to make simple actions by us even easier.  There are now cameras we can control from our phones, doorbells that are cameras and vacuums that operate with a touch of a remote button. Our phones and watches communicate with each other to track our sleep and activity patterns.  More impressively, they can tell us when something is not normal. Recent sporting events where fans have gotten overly exuberant receive alerts telling them of abnormal heart rates, sometimes preventing cardiac arrest.

Internet of Things

How is the Internet of Things Benefits Affecting my Home?

Technology is always affecting our lives and it is more than just the latest video game or gaming system. there is an increasing urgency to understand the benefits we gain too. With IoT, we become more productive in accomplishing the “honey-do” list. The sprinklers automatically turn on, the pool cleaner starts. Now we just need to figure out a way to invent a device for picking up the dog poop.

What’s IoT affecting in my home is something we need to be concerned with. With all these things using our WiFI, we need to boost it in some way. More importantly, we need to understand that this does not replace our existing WiFI. However, by expanding the network with hotspots will help us connect more “things” together. Businesses will no longer rely solely on people-people, but people-things as well as things-things.

Internet of Things Benefits Going Global

Our world is experiencing the benefits of this network expansion because we are developing “smart cities”. Smart Cities promote efficiency in energy as well as encourage the reduction of waste. How can you help? By investing and believing in the future now. You may not think by getting rid of that trusty flip-phone will gain you any benefits, but you may just be surprised. Get your “things” that are smart-connected upgraded to communicate other smart things.