How to Send Money Online Safely

We have found the best way on how to send money online to friends and family safely. Tipping Circle has actually been around for a few years, but is gaining in popularity due to its ease of use. Allowing you to send as well as receive money, including fundraisers! Called a Social Wallet, this is one platform you do not want to miss out on. Bookmark this page now and then join in!

Why you need this App

“Mom, I need money” says the caller on the other end of the phone. What do you do? They are halfway around the country and the banks are closed. The simplest way is to push a few buttons and get the money to them quickly. With Tipping Circle, it is one of the newest and most reliable apps available.

2 Ways that Tipping Circle Lets You Send and Receive Money Online!!!

How to send money online

The primary way is to just send the money. If you are connected to them on one of the social platforms, just send them a “Tip”. If all you have is their email address, you can type in their email. Make sure that they do have a free PayPal account entered so they can accept the payment. But the great thing is there are no fees.

Another way you can send money is to request it. Kind of like sending an invoice. Now the system will actually who has paid and who didn’t. The recipient gets a link that refers them to the payment page so they can pay you.

Need To Raise Money? Run An Online fundraiser!!!

While many other payment apps focus solely on the transfer of money between businesses and people, Tipping Circle offers a way to give as well. They refer to these as Tipping Buckets and it allows individuals and groups a new way to collect money for various purposes. This is especially crucial as people cannot gather as they used to and would like to perhaps join in together to make a large purchase for a gift.

What is even more easy is that you do not have to invite everyone to this specific page. Your current network, or circle, can rally around you. They simply see a notification similar to the Facebook fundraiser for birthdays and can choose to give without you having to ask. Before you know it you will have reached your goal!

Tipping circle is your social help network as they contribute and share your cause with everyone they know. The added exposure that tipping circle provides increases donations and support for you, your friends, your family or who ever you are raising money for!!! This is why you benefit and gain from using tipping circle as your how to send money online app!!! So go here and get started with your own Tipping Circle Account!~~~

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