Hotspot Troubleshooting – Prime Gate City

Hotspot troubleshooting should not be frustrating. Welcome to the Prime Gate City Troubleshooting section of the Help Desk. You are here because you own a Helium Hotspot and are part of RRR247.

Troubleshooting Hotspot Set-up Issues

So you follow the instructions on the app and you are still having issues getting your hotspot working. Check out the different situations below and try these steps.

Plugged in and no lights

Try another outlet. Trust me, just go to another room in your home and try another outlet on a different circuit.

Next, we want you to try another power cord. You can use another hotspot’s cord or if you have a 5A 2V power adapter laying around. This eliminates the possibility of a bad power supply or if we have a different situation.

Alright, so none of that has solved the issue. Try plugging the hotspot in and just leave it for 2 minutes. Check again to see if by chance any lights came on.

Last resort, if none of this works, please reach out to support by calling 877-589-0454. We will need the following information: the MAC address on the bottom of the device.

It Won’t Pair With My Phone or Don’t See Hotspot in the Bluetooth List

You need to make sure the Bluetooth settings on your phone are turned on. Also, make sure you press and hold the pairing button for at least 3 seconds before releasing it.

Keep the phone close to the Hotspot, the closer the better. You can even place it on top of the Hotspot.

Next, go into your settings on your phone and make sure it states Enable for the Location permission for the Helium app. This can typically be found under App Info > Permissions > Location.

In addition, you want to ensure you have the current version of the app.

The next thing we want you to try is to power-cycling the Hotspot. First, unplug it, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. Now do a “force close” on the app and then re-open the app, try to pair them again.

If you are still experiencing trouble after attempting these things, then call 877-589-0454. We will troubleshoot further.

The pairing went ok, but it won’t find my location

Again, look at your phone’s Bluetooth setting. You want to make sure they are on. Try pairing again.

Also, double-check the location permissions. Remember you will find this under App Info > Permissions > Location

Check the version you have of the app.

Then try to do the power-cycling on the Hotspot. Just unplug, wait the 10 seconds and plug back in. Then pair again.

If that does not work, try to completely close the app and then re-open the app.

A great first thing to check in cases like this is if the Location has been set, which is necessary for mining.  First, just input the name into the Visualizer here first just to make sure.

It’s possible that setting the location was attempted during the onboarding flow, but the add location transaction never successfully completed.  In any case, they can add the location by:

  • Hit the Pairing button on the hotspot so the light turns Blue
  • Go to the Hotspot tab of the app
  • Press the Settings icon next to the hotspot name and hit the Scan for Hotspots button
  • Pair with the hotspot once it’s found
  • Click the Update Location button and then click Continue from the screen that mentions Data Credits.  These are currently covered by Helium so you don’t have to worry about them!

· Then pinch and zoom to pinpoint the spot the Hotspot will be kept. Click the Confirm Location button and they’re all set!

They’ll be able to then see it as a Pending transaction on the Account tab. It will likely take several minutes to finalize, but that’s all they need to do.  I’ve uploaded a quick video as well if additional clarity is needed:

Still not resolved?

Let’s try running a diagnostics. Click on the Hotspot’s button at the bottom of the app. Click on the “gear” which is the settings for your hotspot and is directly below the map on the right side of the screen. Follow the screen prompts to get the diagnostic report. Take a screenshot of your screen if possible.

Help! Hotspot Still Won’t Work!

You’ve done everything above and the IoT Hotspot Help is still needed. Let’s not look at the Hotspot any further. We now need to look at your internet. You see The IoT Hotspots may not work if you have a firewall or an incompatible NAT type is being used.

If none of the following works, then you need to call us at support.

IoT Hotspot Troubleshooting Help – Advanced Issues

If you are coming to this section, it is because your hotspot is still not working, still not mining and you need further hotspot troubleshooting.

Using Ethernet for Internet Connection

If you are using Ethernet, verify your cable is securely plugged into the Hotspot as well as the modem from your internet provider. If you see an amber light that is blinking, you have a good connection.

Now let’s check your internet connection. By going to your home computer, verify that the computer is on the same network as the one you are putting the Hotspot on. If you are unable to connect, you need to call your Internet Service Provider for more help on your account and connection.

Using Wi-Fi for Internet Connection

If you are using Wi-Fi, please confirm you are able to connect to your wireless network with your security password (WEP or WPA). Please contact the manufacturer of your wireless modem if you don’t know how to access the wireless modem or operate it.

Is your internet connecting to your computer? Then we need you to power cycle the router. Also, unplug both the Hotspot & router from the source of power for a minimum of 2 minutes. You will then plug them both back in and check to see if the Hotspot now connects.

Okay, Your Internet is working – Still Unable to Connect to Helium Network

We need you to log in to your Internet Service Provider or contact your ISP to get around your firewall. This is for when you can connect to the Internet but still unable to get a connection, it is probably a firewall issue.

You need to enable TCP Ports 44158. Do this as both directions in your modem. Also in order to receive support & firmware updates you need to open as Outbound, ports 22 & 443.

Check the type of Router You Have

The information below will tell us how easy or difficult it is going to be to connect to the network by looking at your router. We need to determine what type of router you have.

  • 1: This type has a system that connects directly to the Internet.
  • 2: This type has a system that has a connection to the internet via a router.
  • 3: Is just like Type 2, only communication may be impossible with the network. You will need to check your modem setting for additional info on how to configure a NAT Type.