Hospitality Industry Going Blockchain

With the Hospitality industry going Blockchain, now is a huge opportunity for you to get your hospitality business involved NOW!  XcelTrip activated in early March 2019 where you can book airline reservations.  Very soon a new phase of the company will be available to customers, allowing them to book hotel rooms.  As part of the hospitality industry, you will want to get your hotel, motel, bed & breakfast involved now!

Hospitality industry going blockchain


It is tiring the lack of choices to plan travel through the current means of the online choices. However you now have another choice!  The way the everyone in the world books their travel is changing because of XcelTrip. Businesses similar to the current online options carry with them an overhead cost. This then passes on to the consumer when they complete room reservation.   Consumers are getting smarter in saving money and are always looking for new and upcoming things.

Cuts Out Middleman

The design of the XcelTrip site is extremely user-friendly.  Therefore, when customers go to and book their own airline tickets and very soon their rooms.  By removing the Brokers and Agents, the extra fees customers currently pay using the online agencies will be reduced.  With word-of-mouth from the IMP’s and the Vendor Partners everyone will benefit the overall system.  And thus removes the need for the middleman.

Just imagine booking a room using one of the other options currently available. Consumers are experiencing a higher rate of errors such as double booking. Whereas when a person utilizes XcelTrip, this issue is removed from occurring. It is because of how the design of the booking system works. The XcelTrip system updates almost immediately when a customer makes a reservation.  Therefore, when the next customer looks for a room at the same hotel, it’ll show the room has a reservation.  Frequent travelers face this issue often where they arrive at their hotel. Often finding their room has been double-booked or never booked at all.  So frustrating!

Additionally, very soon customers will be able to book Hotel Rooms also.  Then will come rental cars, restaurant reservations, etc.  XcelTrip will be a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

Hospitality Industry going Blockchain

With the Hospitality industry going blockchain and by removing the middleman, XcelTrip therefore saves each business tremendously on overhead costs.  How does the system currently work? Hotels are seeing charges on an average of 25% of the price a consumer pays for a room.  With XcelTrip this cost has been cut in half.  Which means if you are booking the same room through XcelTrip, $12.50 of it will be commissions to XcelTrip. This allows hotels to offer more rooms to XcelTrip at a lower rate than the others online.  That is a significant savings.

Imagine your hospitality business gaining new customers.  Not only are you forward thinking by accepting cryptocurrency, but you are saving your customers money as well!  This is a win-win situation for all parties.  Are you ready to join now?  Become a Vendor Partner!

You can only get these customers by joining us.  XcelTrip is growing fast and all the major airlines are already on board.  We would love to have you!

Become a Vendor Partner as Hospitality Industry Going Blockchain!

Are you a travel agent, hospitality facility, plane/train/auto rental company, or restaurant?  As a vendor partner, you will also have the support of our network of IMP’s.  We will be helping you with the listing, pricing and marketing of your products and services.

The benefits of decentralized travel are growing and currently include:

  • Lowest fee per room than your current OTA (Online Travel Aggregators) – This raises your Gross Margin
  • The design of our vendor payment system gets your income credit at the earliest moment. There are multiple choices of payment, such as, Bank Transfer and digital currency in a most secured environment.
  • Help you get exposure with millions of travelers around the world, which will translate into more bookings.
  • Get access to our advance booking management system.  List your property, rooms and other facilities such as restaurants, bars, spa etc., on a single platform.  Gain multiple sources of revenue.
  • Have access to our world-class partner support team at XcelTrip.  And your very own IMP, who will work with you as a marketing consultant. Their goal is to better your revenue and enhance customer service.
  • Use our booking management system to manage booking, track inventory, run promotions to increase your revenues further.
  • As a ground floor opportunity, you will keep ahead of your competition as the Hospitality industry going blockchain.

Get in on this Hospitality Industry Going Blockchain, join us as a Vendor Partner!  Go here for the details!

For More Information on XcelTrip, visit >>Decentralized Travel with XcelTrip<<