Holiday Stress, Weight Loss: Beating Both With Snap!

It is that time of year when holiday stress appears and people want to see weight loss. The two do not seem to go hand in hand.  And now this year with the quarantines in place, distance learning and all the additional stress. The odds are just not in our favor to lose weight. In fact, most people stress about weight gain during the holidays.  That just causes additional anxiety and worry which in turn can cause a person to not feel their best.  It is time to change all that starting now!

Holiday Stress

The first snowflakes are falling around the country, except here in south Texas. We see evidence of the holidays appearing everywhere in the stores.  That can only mean that everyone is prepping their baking for the holidays, making shopping and gift lists, decorating the house, figuring out travel plans or house guests and overall stressing out.  Maybe you still have kiddos at home and you have to first figure out their Halloween costume, then there are the fall fundraisers.  Oh wait, now you need to figure out when to attend the fall school conferences.  Or maybe your kids are adults, but still live at home or nearby and are single.  It is now on you to plan the family Thanksgiving with all the fixings on top of working your Full-Time job.  And now your elderly parents need additional help.

There is just not enough time in the day to see to everything, but when you ask for help, no one really responds.  All these holiday stressors results in you not feeling your best, being your best.

Holiday Memories Made Simple

Do you remember the Folgers commercial where it is the holidays and the family wakes up smiling just because of the smell of that coffee?  Why not take action and do that every morning starting now?  Make it your personal GOAL to just enjoy the time with family. Why not start your day with a relaxing cup of coffee (or cocoa). What if by drinking just a single cup helped give you added energy, clearer thought, less anxiety and the bonus – WEIGHT LOSS!

With these little snaps, you can now lose weight and not feel completely frazzled! Make plans now to enjoy the holiday season.

Holiday Weight loss

Now don’t get all negative on me, we all have excess holiday stress and most of the time we bring it on ourselves.  Just because all the other holiday seasons you gained weight or couldn’t settle down.  It is time to take control and just enjoy the holidays for what it is.  Family Time.  There are many reasons why so many of do not look forward to the holidays.  Many times we are juggling many activities on any given day or night so we don’t eat the best nutritious foods.  Other times it seems like it is party after party, with so many delicious foods and we overindulge.  Others experience holiday stress due to a loss of a loved one or one who couldn’t be home for the holidays.  That extra empty chair at the table, it hits the heart hard.

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I understand Holiday Stress

I understand all that because I have been there.  My Mom went into the hospital December 16, 2003.  Our sons and my niece (ages 10, almost 8 and 3) opened presents in Grandma’s ICU room on Christmas Eve.  It was the last Christmas with my Mom.  December 20, 2010, my Dad passed away.  Both Christmases, my brother and I and our families had to adjust to the “empty chair”.  I ate my way to my highest weight…240 pounds – that in itself shows Holiday Stress.

Now we move forward a few years to Thanksgiving 2012, our oldest, Kyle had joined the Marine Corps and this would be our first major holiday without him.  Thankfully he was able to come home for Christmas.  Then in 2014, both Kyle & Kory were serving our country in the Marine Corps.  We haven’t had a major holiday since with both of them home.  We have adjusted, but it was still stressful.

Christmas Dreams

In 2016 I wanted a Family Christmas, but the boys were down south.  David & I loaded up the car, arranged for neighbors to watch our dogs, Annie & Buddy.  We got to his sister’s home in Alabama Christmas Eve.  Oh the food!  Southern Cooking at its best!  I ate too much but I wanted to try everything.

Christmas morning was so much fun!  We were together.  I didn’t care about the gifts we didn’t exchange, money was tight (yep another Holiday Stress).  We were together.  Then we got a call from the neighbor…how quick can we get home.  Our dog Annie was seriously ill.  We left a few hours later.  I was crushed.  My Family Christmas dream was done.  Thankfully, but frustratingly, Annie was fine, she was just having major anxiety and made herself sick.  We had brought back two puppies with us, keeping one of them.  Annie was instantly feeling better.  New memories made.

Beating back the Holiday Stress

Now it’s 2021. Another year of doom and gloom the way most people are portraying it. I am a major stress eater.  And while I have reduced a major stressor in my life by leaving my full-time job after 27 years, we had different stresses occurring. Beginning with decluttering the house, prepping it and going through the process of selling it. Ultimately with our big move to the South of Texas, we are settling into our new home. However after finding temporary housing with three dogs made it a bit more difficult but we are now in our new home. Yep, you know what is happening, a whole new set of stress! It seems life just cannot occur without stress.

Diet Changes

Did I make any diet changes like only eating salads or counting calories and restricting my carbs?  NO!!!  In fact, with our busy schedules the quickest meal is the best meal.  We do chicken patties, burgers, frozen pizzas, pastas, potatoes.  You name it, I am cooking it.  It is Fall almost winter, we need nourishment that will help keep us warm and fulfilled.

What I Love Best about Nootropics!

Oh I could talk forever about these products!  I have absolutely no regrets.  In fact, I love the snaps and the flexibility, portability and FLAVORS! The flavor choices are expanding. Now up to 5 different ones, though some are seasonal. Everything is amazing and even better is that it truly works.  Anyone can lose weight with this.

What are Nootropics? They are scientifically backed products where research shows the best ways to “hack” into ourselves and correct the insides of us with a natural supplement. Many times they do have a natural stimulant which boosts our mental attitude – you know that Positive Mental Attitude we all strive for! This is not a medication. It does not require a prescription from your doctor. It DOES need you to be ready to have better days. The bonus is that because you are feeling better, getting better rest, your body will naturally correct itself and for many people it results in losing weight!

My Personal Results

holiday stress

My own success is why I am the MOST excited about these products!  I just started my “change”, with using all the products for a perfect trifecta, no more Night Sweats!  In addition, stress eating is gone from my life. We enjoy food for what it is knowing I have great products supporting me with my health.

I no longer feel like I am dieting, I am Living!  My energy level is high, high enough to put myself through intense workouts.  My focus is dead on.  I can concentrate on a major quote, get interrupted and then jump right back on it.  After using so many other products and companies, I have found these products truly work for me. And the scale is my friend. As my journey is my own, my weightloss is also my own, but let’s just say my clothes are feeling loser by not just a size or two.

Testimonials! Always great to hear from Teammates and how it works for them too!

What are you waiting for? The time is now to feel better, have more focus, positive motivation and so much more! What’s even better is that there is a Fountain of Youth product you simply must see as well. And it tastes so extremely yummy!

Extending the Merriment

I am looking forward to enjoying the holidays this year as they are meant to be.  Sitting with family, enjoying their company and a glass of our premium wine!  I know of no other company, online or brick & mortar, where I can start my day with coffee and end it with wine.  You read that correctly, we have both “diet” coffee and Premium Wines in this Marketplace.  GO check out all our other offers here on my site too!  You never know what you are missing.

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