Great Decision!

Great Decision to go for 25% off your first order. With this coupon, you can now get up to 4 boxes at 25% off. That is like buying 3 and getting 1 free. I will be reaching out to you shortly with your exclusive to you code to save 25% off your order. Be sure to bookmark our page and come back soon!

The Products

Currently there are 5 products, what is it you are looking for?

Looking to improve your mental focus, improve your mood, or even just give your brain a boost? Check out this information here. Right now there are 4 flavors available: Chocolate Sea Salt (who loves chocolate for breakfast?), Chocolate Mint, Caramel Macchiato (you can put it right in your coffee if you want or take it straight up like me), and Lemon Drop (Ok, let’s be honest, this one is amazing!). Also, every fall we have a new limited-time flavor! Check in often to see what it is!

How about better sleep and with that improved quality of sleep, some weight loss? You need to see this. This incredible and my favorite product is now available in 2 flavors: Red Velvet (the original Wow flavor) and Chocolate Strawberry!

Staying Young and Feeling Young

And for those of you looking for a high quality liquid collagen that comes in the same cute packaging in a very yummy flavor of Super Berry, this gelée is going to show its results to you very quickly as well. Personally I have had improved nail strength, my hair is getting longer and healthier looking, and the Menopause symptoms (hey, I am over 50 afterall) are tamed down. I literally am not having the hot flashes or wild mood swings so many women suffer from! I call this my Peter Pan Effect because I am never growing old!

Beverage Adder Cuts the Carb Cravings

Let’s be honest here, we all get the munchies and they interfere with our weight loss and weight management, right? Now you can drink your morning beverage and add a little something something to it. Cutting down on the cravings whether from boredom, stress or hormones, becomes a reality with this little Snap. Just pop it right into your coffee, tea, cocoa, even the morning soda! You won’t even realize you weren’t snacking. It just happens!

No matter if you choose 1 box, or a combination of the products, it’s a great decision for all combinations! Just choose up to 4 boxes and receive 25% off your order!

The Newest Product that You Wear!

Fall 2022 brought us a new line of products with Velovita with a wearable device. This elegant pendant can be worn or put in a pocket to carry with you. We have all heard about EMF radiation and the effects of long-term exposure, check out our page dedicated to our new tuünTM – Resonate pendant. Available in both black and rose gold.

Vfill is a Great Decision to Keep the Products Coming!

That’s right, you will want these products coming every month so you can continue to improve your health, whether you are looking for amazing sleep, better focus or that Peter-Pan Effect of never growing old. You can switch up your order every month! Let me help you set up your Vfill and save money!

When you sign up for vfill, you will save 10% right away. After 6 months, we are going to increase your discount because of your loyalty to our products to 15%. At 9 months that jumps again to 20%. And finally at 12 months, you get 25% discount! This is a huge customer incentive that is meant for you to take advantage of. Why do we do this? Staying healthy is important to everyone, and our products help you with that. Our customers are important to us because we want everyone to feel their best always!

Should you have any questions at all, I am here for you to help you make your decisions easier. Just send me a text at 651-269-4576 or email me at

Looking for Extra Income?

Once you fall in love with our products and the results, there is so much more. Now, do NOT think that I am recruiting everyone. I am looking for those who want to make extra income, or perhaps even replace their income and work from home like I do. We have so much here at Velovita just waiting for you, including a 5 year retirement plan! You really need to look into this and see what we can do for your budget. You will be given complete training and information on how best to grow your income and create a genuine income.

We know that there are others out there, but trust me when I say I have found a home. I have high aspirations for everyone on my team and I am always looking out for my team and guiding them along with all that we do. I hope you consider this a new avenue for you and your family and join us.

You can find out more information on the opportunity itself at this link.

Now go make another Great Decision and place that order as soon as you see the coupon code appear!