Gems 3D Puzzle Game – Hours of Addicting Fun

Gems 3D is waiting for you now.  Ready for a game of logic, chance and organization?  If you like Tetris, Sudoku, Lines and Logic?  Then Gems 3D is what you will enjoy.  Enjoy it for hours of addicting fun.

Gems 3D

How to Play Gems 3D

With each turn, three (3) gems will fall on the playing board.  The player gets a chance to move one gem in order to form lines of five (5) or more gems.  Once a line is formed the gems that combine it will disappear.  The player scores points and gains free board space.  The game goes on until the entire board is full.  Your objective for this game is to play as long as possible and to score the highest score possible.  Want to play on your phone or tablet?  There is a mobile Gems 3D version available too.


I found this game to help me fill time while waiting at a doctor’s appointment and waiting for car work to be completed.  I love that I can have it on my iPad2 and my computer.  The strategies involved to continue to get points keeps my attention.

Scoring Tips

Key to High Scores

The main key to scoring the highest scores is to make scoring formations as often as possible.  If you only make a 5-gem scoring combination every other turn then you are only freeing up one free board space.  Don’t worry about making longer combinations because you lose turns.  Stick with the 5-gem combinations.

Keep it Organized

Gems 3D is a game of organization.  The play time is proportional to the probability of making a scoring formation. If the board is filled by randomly scattered gems the probability of making a scoring formation is low. With each turn one should organize gems to form scoring formations, not just move them around. Organization issue is particularly important when dealing with blocking gems. It is always a good idea to place a blocking gem next to another one of its kind, as if making a scoring formation, rather than moving it away to a random location.

Don’t Rush it

Unlike chess, time is not critical when playing Gems 3D in this current version.  Before making a move, carefully examine the board for obvious scoring formations and then keep an eye out for the more rudimentary scoring formations as they may show in unexpected ways.  Your priority is to find at least three gems in a row with adjacent empty cell to add tow more.

Want to learn more Tips?  Go here now and download the game and then look up the Scoring Tips.

Exercise your Brain

As a challenging game the Gems 3D puzzle is a mental workout as well as being a lot of fun. As you gain experience with the game so too will you see more possibilities for strategies with every game giving you even more to think about.