Freedom Through Marketing – My Story

Freedom through Marketing is a concept that so many are not taking advantage of. Everyone wants to be their own boss, but they don’t have the “vehicle” in which to do so. I was given this Freedom and am running with it. My vehicle is fully primed, fueled and in gear. Discovering the Truth of Gaining more Freedoms was attention grabbing. Marketing is Freedom. Discover Truth.

This page is my story, my results all because I accepted and read my own free copy of the book, Marketing is Freedom by Rory Ricord. I have truly found my Truth. The realization of My Freedoms. And it is all because of the enlightening information in this book. Sharing it with more people just makes sense.

My Story, My Path towards Freedom Through Marketing

We all have our own story or journey. My path lead me to dreams of owning my own time and breaking free. However I was in a cycle, a rut of working for the same company for a total of 27 years. The raises I received were always less than the proverbial “cost of living” increase. At that job I was salaried and not paid by the hour, my husband and I were consistently falling further behind in our budgets. I always had to get permission to spend time with our sons and do family activities. Many times I was denied the time off because the company needed me. When the pandemic hit, I was an essential employee. Working from home was denied.

In 2017, I found this system while looking to Supplement our budget. 2 years later, this book landed in my lap; and in May 2020, during the Pandemic, I walked away from that job. It’s easy to see what my catalyst was that catapulted me forward. And now, for the last 4 years, I have my Time Freedom because of this book. This book is a true GIFT!

Reading about the journey Rory went thru, how he uses Marketing to grow Time & Financial Freedom. Inspiration hits you and puzzle pieces start fitting together as you go chapter to chapter. You seriously need to read this! The belief you develop in yourself, your posture grows, and suddenly the reality that you can own your own time happens. Want to read more about my journey? Check out my home page, Welcome to My Life! But don’t forget to keep reading below to see how you can receive Marketing is Freedom too!

Steps to Receive the Book

The Book, Marketing Is Freedom written by Rory Ricord gives a complete education as well as understanding about Marketing. It is full of many golden nuggets on gaining Freedom Through Marketing; and I want you to receive a Free Copy of the Ebook. In fact, I want to be able to give you the Free Ebook along with the Audiobook.

The Book Marketing Is Freedom
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  • Then, I will Email you the Ebook as well as access (for free) for the Audiobook.
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Then it is all yours to READ and Learn from. And you will have a direct number and email address from me to get connected should you want to participate in the incredible Training and World of Marketing Rory Ricord and his Wife have created for us all.

The Book Marketing Is Freedom is Packed with Knowledge to Better Your Life:

While it is all about Marketing, it is very entertaining. Also, it contains some incredible facts and knowledge to help you in all areas of your life. Take a look around, Marketing is everywhere. Additionally the Law of Marketing is something Rory covers all the time. He also shares more about this little known Law in his writings and trainings is something that we all need to know. Yet most of us never have the information shared with us so we can learn it. They do not teach it in school. That’s Just Crazy!!

You Need the book, Marketing Is Freedom if…

  • You are Looking to Improve Your Life.
  • Your Career Needs a Boost.
  • You want a Better Career that Grows You.
  • Improving Understanding and Communications with Everyone in your Life is Important.
  • You Have a Curiosity of Knowing How Marketers Work.
  • Want to Know Why Things are Marketed to Us in the Ways that they Are.

I am so confident you are going to love learning from this book because I already know what is inside this Book. Allowing myself to be open to learning knew things, things I never knew I could do, and that I am now doing. Even More, I am Excited to Share it with You as my gift to you, knowing it will reshape your Future, just as it did mine. In fact, your viewpoint and mindset about the future will change. Are you ready to unleash a new path for you? We are giving you the Powerful Knowledge of becoming a better Consumer, Business Person as well as a Better Person All-Around. I have come full circle in a multitude of ways and still growing. Now it is your turn to learn how Marketing can grow you.

Connect With Me Here. Receive this Ebook; and Our Invitation to Knowledge That You Need. Be Open to Learn, Be Open To Grow. We are excited to Welcome you to our community.