Footwear Clips for the Busy Lifestyle

Whether you are heading to the gym or office, footwear clips make carrying those extra shoes easier. Your busy lifestyle should not interfere with all your activities. And carrying stinky smelly gym shoes in your sports bag is one hassle we do not want. Now not only can you safely and securely carry your shoes with you, they can air out and stay fresher too.

Everyday Footwear Clips in Use

footwear clips

It’s Monday, you are running late for work, but also want to hit the gym on the way home after work. Your shoes are still nasty from that 5 mile run in the hot day over the weekend. You really don’t want to throw them in the sports bag with your clean workout clothes. The smell would knock you out before you even leave the locker room. Plus you want to not forget them even if you set them next to your bag in the car. The hassle of going back out to the car to get them is frustrating, or even embarrassing. Just think, if you already changed your clothes and need to wear your high heels or loafers out to the parking lot. Then you have to return to the locker room again just to change out.

Now you can simply connect them to your bag, they come with you and your clothes stay fresh inside. And then afterwards as you meander back to your car, you can just toss it all into your car with a single swing of the arm. No juggling both the bag and shoes while unlocking your car either!

Kids in Sports

Now think of those cleats on the golf shoes, soccer shoes, they will shred your clothes. Not only that but your kids are trying to carry all their other equipment home for their sport. Think Football and Hockey. You have helmets, pads, jerseys. Baseball players have their gloves, hats, helmets, bubble gum and sunflower seeds. Save yourself, save them. Get the footwear clips. More than one kids in sports, but just getting started? Help them help themselves carry their own. Show other moms and dads during the games and practices. Make everyone happy!

Additional uses for these footwear clips

Get a couple extra for carrying boxing gloves, baseball gloves, even roller blades are easier to handle by connecting them with the footwear clip and connecting them to your purse, backpack or even stroller! Think outside the box when looking to organize different aspects of your belongings. The uses are endless.

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