Finding My Why: A Road to Find Me

Over the years, there have been different versions of this page on finding my why. Now, I seem to focus more on my Why, setting goals as well as action plans to achieve each of these goals. Are you looking to find your why? This page is meant to as a way for me to share my why and assist you in finding yours. Please keep an open mind when discovering your why and know that it can and will change as time goes on.

My Road to Finding My Why

Finding your why is a journey only you can travel. We all have our own story. No one has ever walked in our shoes, which means no one can tell us what our why should be. Our road starts when we are little, developing our personalities. We then have well-meaning people who tell us things that sometimes kill our dreams or at least damage them. Sometimes, many times, they are people close to us. You need to persevere as you mature, not age, and keep believing. But the biggest thing on this journey is the roadmap you plan for and then the actual roadmap you travel. You do need to sometimes take a detour or a rest-stop. But first, let’s take a deeper look.

Peeling the Onion, You Will Find the Pearl

Have you ever peeled an onion layer by layer? It is almost like the old question for those of us who grew up in the 70’s & 80’s – How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? That takes patience! And peeling an onion will take patience and perseverance if you have one that makes you shed tears. Another words, it makes you cry.

Just like an onion, we have several layers to us. Our outer skin can be dry and rough. It protects us as we need it until the next layer is ready. In addition, we use that outer layer to keep people from seeing the real us. We are afraid after being discouraged by so many to let our dreams be known. We are used to people laughing at us and what we hope to achieve. But, let me ask you this….WHY?

Why do we give a rat’s butt what others think of our dreams? Are they out there seeking their dreams? Even better, are they paying your bills? Are they willing to do what it takes to truly achieve their dreams and enjoy their life to the fullest? Are you? You are!!!!

Finding My Why: Getting to Know the Real Us.

Perfect! Let’s grab that onion, peel off that first layer and let’s take a closer peek at our why together. So first, we are going to start with getting to know ourselves, getting comfortable with our own thoughts, dreams and goals. Let’s make them big ones, so how about answering this initial question: If you won the lottery today and could just do anything, go anywhere, what would you do? Go ahead, write it down. For David & I, we have a love of travel, exploring the roads less travelled. We also like to just enjoy family. Being able to dream of going anywhere, taking the family with us and staying anywhere no matter the cost is becoming a reality.

Love of Travel

As I state, David and I love to travel, and wherever we go, we will bring our dogs with us. That means we will travel by car or truck or motorhome and will make several stops during our travel. My biggest wish would be that we take roads less traveled. We find we like scenery and architecture of the locals. In fact, here in Texas, we prefer to take some of the back roads and see what there is to see. Again, let’s ask why? Seeing the things around us that may just attract us to visit again. There are hidden gems just waiting for people to enjoy them.

Travelling to see our family

For me, I would go visit our sons. Kyle is in Alabama and Kory is still in Minnesota. Now, why do I want to see our sons? Because they are mine. I am their mom and I like being mom. Also, I want them to show me things around them that are important to them and where they live. Kyle will probably show us the the countryside and some backroads because we do enjoy amazing scenery. I am hoping we get to see things that I will get a good flavor of the area. And see just why he loves the area so much.

For Kory, even though we came from Minnesota, he may show us things in the area we didn’t pay much attention to or took for granted because we lived there. Perhaps we will go visit a nearby park or zoo. We may even finally meet his girlfriend’s parents or just hang out. In fact, we may even have a family gathering with aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of our families. Or at the very least, go around and visit them at their homes.

Seeing the Sites – Finding Our Way Together

Other places I would love to see include, Civil War sites, Salem MA, Montana among others. Now, why would I bother wanting to see these areas? All have their own reasons, just like me finding my why. As a genealogist, I love history. More specifically, I love history that involves my family. I have distant family that fought for our freedoms in every war. The Revolutionary War, Civil War, both WWI & II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Gulf Wars. Our history is important, and it cannot and should not be re-written. We need to learn from history, so what better way than to visit some of the sites closest to us. I am also in love with open country, to be able to stay on a working ranch would be a dream come true.

With RRR247, becoming a Top Instructor and earning the trips to both Punta Cana and Destin I never truly believed in myself. Here with what we have, everyone believes in me and I believe in everyone. We have been given the opportunity to add travel to our Dreamboards. All we have to do is follow the system. It really is that easy.

Our Future Generations

Now back to our own family and our sons. I will love it even more when (positive thinking) they bring me grandchildren. Now why do I want to be a grandma? I love to love on others. And there is no greater reward to a mom than having grandchildren to love on. Also, I have always had a special place in my heart for children in general. Children bring attention to the little things in life. The flowers, aka dandelions, the clouds in the sky that they declare are unicorns, Pegasus, or whatever creature they see. And as you lay down on the earth beside them, you ignore the fact that you may get dirty. You join them in their dreams. When I am near a child seeing things through their eyes, I try to remember to never crush their spirit by telling them that their dreams are silly. NEVER!

Where would we stay….

So now back to my roadmap and planning the rest-stops….Hmmm. First I would like to purchase a motorhome. One where as we travel down the road, the dogs will be comfy. I prefer my own bed and not hotels, but an all-inclusive resort with the boys is definitely something to consider too! Let’s see….

Motorhome Dreams

In collaborating with my husband, David, as he would be the driver, we are dreaming of a Class A, diesel-pusher. His words when I pushed him for his dreams: A Prevost brand with a King-size Bed in the back. Definitely 2 recliners for us and a sofa for the dogs to lay on. A full bath with full size shower, plus a half bath would make it much more homey. Interior would need to be a gray with wood floors. Obviously a full camera set-up and tow-capability so we can go tour about where ever we may be. A place for me to do my business, whether it is a desk or table. Along with inside & outside entertainment packages as well as internet capability.

I mean, no place is perfect without being able to watch a great movie or football game where ever we may be. Maximum under-storage is crucial with a slideout tray for ease of access. Having a sleeper sofa and dinette that breaks down to a bed would be nice for when grandkids are traveling with us! Now priced out, we are looking at a couple million dollars, but we need to Dream Big or Go HOME!! YOLO!

Seeing the Dream become a Reality

finding my why

While we would love something as we detail above, we also know what we are looking at will be One to Two Million dollars. But you know what? We can visualize this now. Outside for looks, David is making it known that black in Texas is not a good thing. So let’s preview some of the rigs that are for sale at this moment that have little to no black for the exterior. Okay, reality is that most Prevosts have a fair amount of black on them because of the windows on the rigs.

Finding My Why – Digging Deeper

While what we have so far is a great dream, it doesn’t make my tummy tumble. I am not yet reaching for the tissues. Not quite choking up. So that means I need to dig deeper in finding my why. Why do I want to travel? Why is that part of finding my why? I grew up loving to see new places and visiting family. I feel very disappointed to have not been able to afford to do that when our sons were younger and living at home. In addition, I know that many kids as they grow up get to go on trips with their grandparents. Most kids see Mickey & Minnie multiple times and they get to go with Mom, Dad, grandparents. My kids have been to Disneyland, but not with my parents.

Bringing More than One Dream to Life

Another dream I want to have is to be able to be that Grandma who is at every activity or event for the grandkids. To be able to be seen from a distance and watch my grandchildren’s eyes light up and their confidence grows a little more because Grandma is there watching. I want to watch them experience the major events in life every step of the way.

In my perfect world, our sons live nearby and they come over several times a week to just drop in and say hi. Sunday dinners at Mom & Dad’s being a must. Just being that loving family. Growing in love every day. I want our sons and grandkids to say “Wow, Grandma & Grandpa really know how to have a great life”. Also, I want to freely give hugs to our family and not worry about being a letdown. It doesn’t matter where we live in the USA, just being together is most important.

Pearl in the Onion is Found

I will say that I have now started to reach for the tissues. Having our sons grow up without my mom being there for them through their teen years. My dad, not seeing them grow into the amazing men they have become. Both my parents have missed out on many milestones: Eagle Scout Ceremony, High School Graduations, Heading off to Boot Camp and the welcome home parties. Thankfully, my sons did have my parents’ siblings, but it isn’t the same thing. One thing I do know is that my parents would be very proud, as I am of who we all have grown into.

I owe it all to this opportunity here at RRR247, to Rory & Tanya and their family for making this opportunity for us to realize our dreams and finding our whys. Now, the more important question is, what are YOU going to do now? Are you going to come with and realize everything you want to have? To find your true Why and make every effort to achieve what you want to achieve? Do you realize, you have it in you? And the same opportunity given to us is here for you as well. You just have to reach out and ask.

Now I am going to be me. Sitting back and enjoying an amazing fine wine straight from our club. Afterall, as Rory says, all roads lead to wine. Mine did!