Filing a Support Ticket for PrimeGate Network

Sometimes there will be a need for filing a support ticket for Tipping Circle or one of our related apps. We are here for you, but need to know when you need us.

The process for submitting the support ticket is rather simple. However we understand that when you are looking to do a support ticket you are more than likely experiencing frustration already and it won’t seem as simple as it should be.

Reasons for Filing a Support Ticket

Some of the reasons filing a support ticket is necessary:

  • Tipping Circle point balance seems incorrect.
  • Cannot Send a Tip.
  • Need to fix a membership issue in TC.
  • Forgot password.
  • Can’t get an app to work.
  • Didn’t get TV sign-in.
  • Unable to log into vBarter.
  • Also use this process for converting your payments to Paypal – or if you are part of RRR247 – goldback coin.

Process to File a Support Ticket

Login to your Tipping Circle Account

Click on Page Help

Now Click on Support Center as per picture below:

filing a support ticket

Click in the upper right corner – Create a Ticket

Complete the form

The email needs to be your Tipping Circle email only! Please be consistent, the result will be a quicker response.

Subject needs to be specific. Makes it easier for us to figure out how to categorize it as well as allow us to respond more quickly.

Description needs to be specific. If you are requesting a payout, please go here for further details on completing that.

Next Step

When your submission has been done correctly, you will next receive a general response email stating we have your ticket and will be processing it in the order it was received. Then you will hear from one of our support team hopefully within 48-72 hours depending on time and day of submission.

If you found this page by accident and are wanting more details on just what this is all about please join my Tipping Circle here. While here you may even want to sign up for our Free TV. Additionally, an amazing opportunity to experience our cable television-like programming from your desktop, laptop, phone or TV! We have so many things happening and want you to come with!