Fear Factor – Take Control of Your Health

Doctors use fear factor as a tactic to get you to wake up and improve your health. Most of us do not take action until it is too late. What if by making small adjustments to your health would have a major impact on whether you live or die? No one dislikes diets more than me. The first 3 letters are D-I-E!!! However, I do not mind trying small changes whether it is getting more activity or adding a new food.

Alkaline Lifestyle

fear factor

I have found a unique lifestyle that I am just beginning. Literally I have done 10 days of making better decisions on the foods I eat. I didn’t go thru my cupboards and toss everything I shouldn’t eat. I actually am not in it to be skinny, however I am more keen on enjoying life. And life is way more enjoyable when you feel good. So what am I doing? I am a Wannabe Alkalarian! Seriously! I met an incredible new mentor in March 2022, he is known as “The Alkalarian”. He originally was another of my mentors’ mentor. That’s right. He is Rory Ricord’s first mentor and now Rory is sharing Richard Davidson and his Alkaline lifestyle with everyone here at RRR247.

Fear Factor #1 – Drinking Soda

While I could go on and on about Richard and Rory, more importantly, I want to bring to your attention the importance of eating more alkaline foods. Or perhaps of even more importance, removing acidic foods from our grocery lists and carts. You see, most of what we consume these days are acidic. That means we are actually harming our bodies. Think of carbolic acid on metal. Acid eats away at what ever it touches. Ever use a can of coke on rusty chrome? Shines up that Chrome pretty quickly. Why? The phosphoric acid when it interacts with iron oxide dissolves the rust. Now think of what that soda does to your stomach and everything else it touches. In reality 1 can of soda will not harm you. Everything is in moderation.

Diet Cola Addiction and Illnesses – My Personal Journey

Here is more about me. First and foremost, I have never been skinny a day in my life. I have always “taken after the Robertson” side of my family. I love sweets, in fact growing up when given the choice between snacks, anything with sugar in it won out. As an adult, I chose Diet Coke instead of Coffee. My consumption could be as high as a 24 pack a week. Boy Scout weekend was a definite 12 pack with a prayer for Sunday heading home that 1 would be in the cooler for the drive home. I woke up at work with a can, 1 for midmorning break, another at lunch, again for midafternoon and when I got home at least one or two more.

After years of consuming diet colas, I was introduced to my first health and wellness company 2012. I knew I had an issue with too much soda because of some symptoms my body was giving me. Symptoms the doctors felt were signs of MS. Numbness on my left outer thigh was the primary one. Additionally my eyesight was going downhill. With a family history of ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease, my mom passed in 2004, and her initial symptoms was loss of feeling in her limbs. This was my wake up call to make decisions to change my own health.

Making Changes to My Health

You see Alkaline foods can literally lighten you. When your body is not feeling its best, typically our body is Acidic. Those with cancer, MS, even the typical cold or flu, your body is acidic. To counter that and bring your body back into health-mode, you need alkaline. With alkalinity, also known as pH, different things become healthier. When you are in a strenuous activity and losing hydration, drinking alkaline water hydrates you better and healthier. Just like a pool, where the pH is too high, we need to counter that with alkaline based products to make the water safe to swim in.

One way to make your body healthier and be more alkaline is to add proper nutritional supplements that biohack your body. Meaning it figures out where your body needs it the most. One product line I personally use and support is Velovita. All the products they have improve my life daily. Whether I need a mental wake up, easier time falling asleep, or curbing my cravings, they have a very simple to take product that is not a pill. It is a syrup! And in all honesty, tastes yummy too. You can get more information directly from the company easily just by following this link. Even more, they just introduced a new product that you wear and it protects you from the harmful effects of EMF Radiation. This one is a no-brainer for me. I wear it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it looks beautiful on both men and women. Get in on the movement to protect yourself and your family and order one of these today.